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5 Apr 2023 | 10 comments

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Forty eight league points secured with seven games remaining will surely make all Blues supporters breathe more easily.  This achievement, after a dour start to the New Year, should be recognised for what it is.  Truly praiseworthy.  With a raft of injuries to key players and almost zero personnel arriving through the January window, a novice but likeable manager seems to be about to repeat what his predecessors have done over the last decade.

Barring a meltdown, survival is now assured.

As the late Eric Morecambe used to sing, ‘Bring me Sunshine’.  Which is precisely what we are now enjoying after a dull period.  Long may this continue into Easter and beyond.

What should change now from the survival talk of late must surely be the retention of those players who we want to keep going into next season. George Hall immediately jumps out along with Auston Trusty.  Depending on what happens behind the scenes, and it’s pointless to even remotely speculate, keeping Hall will send out hope to us all.

Clamour for Premier League status and mixing it with the big names doesn’t bother me, nor should it, as the bigger bonanza is stability and some evidence of progression for our club in my view.  Not just surviving year upon year.  Get the ownership issues settled if at all possible, a big ask I know, with a realistic plan for the future and the rest will follow.  But that must include keeping our talented players and resisting the knock down offers that has led to so many departing prematurely over recent seasons.

Jude Bellingham must certainly be a learning curve to anyone remotely connected to our ownership.  George Hall could leave for peanuts or big money. Fact.  Keep him as a genuine investment and the returns could be colossal.

Should John Eustace remain at the helm, and I hope he will, the search for genuine young strikers has to be a must whether it be unearthed gems playing at lower or even non league level.  Also give summer trials to genuine applicants who feel they could become a Birmingham City striker.  Let’s go for the unusual route and if a couple are found then what a story that would be.

However, the present task is the Easter fixtures.  An away trip to Reading is next up on Good Friday followed by a resurgent Stoke City visiting St. Andrew’s on Easter Monday.  We should be fairly relaxed about both games.  And, with the weather set to improve and temperatures expected to rise, maybe all of us tired and weary Blues followers will at last be able to enjoy some extra sunshine.

Mitchell Bray


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  1. Peter Bates

    Absolutely essential we keep our good young players,though some may want to go but the stability of the club has to be the most important thing, hopefully we get a buyout of the club and then and only then can the rebuild begin good times ahead I hope kro

    • Tracey Tyler

      The key is to have a plan,whether it is a 5 year plan or a Ten year plan have a plan.With the right ownership that is what we need to do.The prime example is Brentford,l have said it before on this site and others that they had a PLAN and it has worked.They put into place a plan to build a new Stadium and to get Promoted to the Premiership in 10 years so they set up a sister club on the Continent where they bought players cheaply and sold them on for big bucks and banked the Cash and they did it.Did it matter to them that Blues came calling for their star players Colin,Dean and Jota,No,sold them and made big bucks,banked it and got replacements for next to nothing,wise l would say and they did that so many times,Maupay being another.So the key is to have a plan and be patient but in today’s society that is hard to do l know.

      • Paul Davis

        Great comment and agree with you 100% Tracey. It takes time to build something special and there are no short cuts if you want to get the right results. you start from the bottom and work your up. Again i agree with the comments about new owners if we really are to suceed, somebody with new fresh ideas and impetus. Someone who knows the club inside and out. Someone who knows the fans and there love of the club.

  2. david jevons

    New Owners are an absolute must. We want nothing else!!

  3. Smithy

    Tracey comment makes factual reading. Brentford a great example. So many good blues fans around and worthy of a football club that actually appreciates it’s loyal followers. Keeping players like George Hall might not be an option if Almajirs piece is to be true on today’s finances.

  4. dorsetblues

    Yes, I can finally watch the results coming in on the last day of the season without pacing up and down the room.
    I love the fact that we have 3 or 4 academy players in the squad. That’s how football should be!
    Please lets keep them and have them in the starting team next year. That’s money saved that we can then spend on other players. I hope we are brave enough to off load the players who are not performing and out of contract !!!

  5. Mitchell

    Annoyance. EFL charges against Lopez/Richardson and Southall again highlights the total mess off-field. Sanctions against these three and no doubt fines, will again belittle the name of the club. This shambolic continual mauling of a decent football club will not end until respectable purchasers enter the gates and get the whole place by the scruff of the neck. Tracey Tyler correctly details the 10 year plan but firstly we have to stop the club being kicked down the alleyways like a battered tin can.

  6. Stan Moye

    Let’s just hope the up and coming academy players can become an integral part of our squad, and they don’t get distracted by press articles or agents. Their development and ours is best served for the foreseeable future right here.

    With regards the older players approaching the end of their contracts. We will need a mix of youth and experience, so let’s hope the new contracts reflect where we are, and the championship is today financially. If they all showed the desire and commitment of Jukey, you’d sign them all up in a heartbeat, sadly that’s not the case.
    Also pleased John Eustace has found a system that reflects the personnel and abilities available. Somehow we have a great foundation to build upon, let’s hope the new owners can move us further in the right direction. KRO

  7. Ed Truman

    Some excellent comments as usual. The key certainly is a change of ownership. Results might have picked up recently and the news from the club this week about the stands, albeit a smokescreen, is welcome. But we must not be fooled into taking the pressure off from pushing for change.

    But good luck to the team today. Let’s hope for a much better Easter return than last year when we were spanked by Coventry and Blackpool, shipping 10 goals in the process. We’re in better shape this time around but it would still be great to have a positive run until the seasons end.

  8. Rita Taylor

    If Blues want someone on the staff who knows the club inside out and is honest and committed then they should look at finding a role for Jukey when he finishes playing. Don’t lets lose him on a free to a Nationwide League club. He’s got potential.

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