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27 Apr 2023 | 6 comments

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Whatever happens at St. Andrew’s during the summer months, the importance of change cannot be understated.  Not just for the overall survival, wellbeing or security of our club for yet another season.  But also because we supporters need this change.

Our mindset has been in dormant mode for twelve years now, expecting very little and getting exactly that.  Apart from February 2011 and that wonderful day at Wembley, and perhaps the following year with our adventures in Europe, slowly and surely the footballing seasons since have been nothing short of depressing.

In a weird way, lifting the Carling Cup has somehow kept us going, albeit a decade past.  But as someone once said “trophies gather dust whereas memories stay fresh and last forever”.  This I feel is where we literally are right now.  New owners, fresh hope and a chance to change our attitude are all urgently required.

We are currently getting good vibes regarding new guardians for our club, and long may these continue.  As I write, vital details such as due diligence and spreadsheets as wide as the Thames appear to be gaining momentum, which is what we want to believe.  Nothing is ever taken for granted for Blues supporters, as reality has regularly resulted in bloody noses.  But this time around I get the feeling we will avoid the handkerchief.

Never has there been a better time for a new meaning to BCFC, and a mindset firmly on the future.  That will help spawn a new generation of support and the expectations that hopefully will follow.  Every football club needs  new supporters coming through, and having survived the trapdoor to League One for so many seasons, the stage at St. Andrew’s is now set for a fresh and exciting beginning.

We need change and we need a new mindset.  We have to leave the past behind and move on with genuine hope and expectation.  Only change is likely to deliver that for us.  Which brings everything back to the present  where we eagerly hope for the summer news all supporters want to hear.

Mitchell Bray


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  1. Tracey Tyler

    Agree,we just cannot keep going on like we have for season after season,let’s hope the Summer brings the change we hope and need.

  2. Smithy

    Big fingers crossed for serious financial backers.

  3. Stan Moye

    I’m totally convinced this takeover will go through, and when it does l’m hoping for some positive changes. These guys have business brains, so putting the club on a firm financial footing will surely be one of the first priorities. I hope when the ground is fully open they can entice the missing hoards to return and recreate the atmosphere which we were famous for. Part of the appeal for the takeover is they have recognised the huge potential this club has, let’s hope with prudent financial planning, sustainable recruitment and regular communication with supporters the long term outlook will be much brighter.

  4. Sausage n Egg

    we have become used to the bar being set very low..everytime we give a reasonable performance it is followed by dross…not being s**t is what most have settled for in the past…the jury is out if that target has been reached!! i dont think it has..i look forward to the day when fresh eyes wield a new broom through the club

    • Mitchell

      We all want a new broom that ‘rids this club of abject gloom. We finish 17th.and relief hails yet again. This is reality that all supporters know. This summer has to deliver a way forward as our financial status on the dreaded HKSE doesn’t look rosy. We have little alternative but to be very hopeful that new broom(s) are imminent.

  5. Ed Truman

    I get your point Sausage n Egg and I agree. Another woeful effort today. How much longer are we prepared to tolerate the rubbish that passes for football from our team?

    One mindset that certainly needs to change is that of the manager. Why on earth can’t we play offensive football? Just for once? Other teams do. The way we set up week after week is a clear indication of the limitations of the man picking the team. We may have avoided relegation with games to spare this time, but that is no cause for celebration in my book. Another dreadful season.

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