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20 Apr 2023 | 6 comments

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It might be a bit over the top to say so, but Blues victory in a bruising encounter at Millwall on Tuesday night must make potential investors sit up and take notice.  This club we support with amazing consistency, despite so many seasons of meagre investment, surely offers an attractive purchase proposition?  Particularly after having flirted with the relegation trapdoor for several seasons on the trot and yet now reaching a points total of respectability with three games to go.  Add the fan base, location and a sensible asking price then BCFC surely comes gift wrapped?

The Millwall game was, for me, the acid test as to how we would perform with such a limited group of players at John Eustace’s disposal.  Following the disappointment of defeat at Sunderland on Saturday, the quick turnaround between the two fixtures and the demanding travel requirements involved, the result at The Den was very satisfying.

With the close season almost here and with it the hope of new owners, this summer of ‘23 could be a turning point.  Wishful thinking or not, we have to believe that this summer will be the one that brings change and makes the club a serious threat for the new Championship season and beyond.

What makes us a decent acquisition is the key question. Easy for us supporters as we know the answer.  We simply love our football club. Not really a good enough reason for an investor’s hard cash though, unless of course whoever comes in is a diehard Blues supporter.

My feeling is that the timing of a serious purchase could not be better with many factors aiding our quest for new guardians.  Highly respectable points total under severe limited resources has to be a major selling factor, with the tantalising thought about ‘what if’ we had transfer window money to strengthen?

We have been on the canvass so many times over the years but managed to resurrect and live to fight another season.  This time around we are maybe punching a little above ourselves but, with finishing the current campaign strongly, this now positions the club in a good place with current interested parties.

We are desperate to support whoever has the desire to match the supporters ambitions.  Provided the asking price is right and the club is geared for long-term investment, then our club as a whole comes as near gift wrapped as any serious buyer can expect.

Mitchell Bray


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  1. Ed Truman

    Completely agree with the sentiments Mitchell. We all know the massive potential of the club. Run properly with sensible investment we could be so much more than we currently are and have been for far too long. This morning’s breaking news about the identity of a potential investor is encouraging. And his recent creation of Shelby Companies Ltd in Birmingham is amusing if nothing else! I’m keeping everything crossed. And looking forward to a stress free match tomorrow.

  2. Mark R

    Couldn’t agree more.
    I’ve mentioned this in previous comments but circa £35 million to buy Birmingham City FC, the club that bears the name of England’s second city, with a proud history, a competitive team, great youth prospects and a 500,000+ strong fan base?
    That’s about as much of a bargain as you will get in professional sports club ownership, surely?

  3. Smithy

    Tommy Shelby and Tom Wagner the dream ticket! Throw in Jim Dale and we have the trio we have been looking for. Joking apart this could be very exciting and let’s get carried away for once. Don’t care if it’s all a damp squib- we need hope and this time around it could be the real deal.

  4. John agriffin

    The next step on this long road.Make the loan signings permanent,complete the ground redevelopment and announce further safe standing in Gil Merrick lower. A sure sign of their commitment to this club of ours.

  5. Mitchell

    Should this be a genuine attempt by decent and sound investors, in a small but practical way we could be part of making this happen. Apart from our own BT readers, perhaps the Blues Focus lads could release a ‘come on in ‘ podcast – they have the youth to show how passionate supporters are and how a new era of young bluenose followers are out there waiting to back new guardians for great but sadly neglected club.

  6. Stan Moye

    From the incredible highs of the Carling Cup in 2011, the owners of our club have left us in a constant downwards spiral.
    So l think we can be forgiven a moment to dream of brighter time ahead. It sounds like the potential new owners not only have the business brains required, but the intelligence to acknowledge a huge fan database. Every club believes they can be the next big club, but BCFC truly can be. I’m also impressed in the professional way the consortium is handling itself, no great pr fanfares, just quietly going about their business. Great times ahead l feel, and a steady hand on the club.

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