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14 Jun 2023 | 10 comments

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Welcome mats down and a sensible expectation of new arrivals through the St. Andrew’s door awaits.  This is possibly the best way that I can describe my feelings as a seasoned Blues supporter.  Tom Wagner and his team have given us a chance to progress rather than tread the proverbial safety waters of the Championship.

We want to be immune from further false dawns and on-field disappointments, with stability and a long timetable for positive impact.  This 2023/24 season, with strong competition whichever way the Championship table is viewed, is to be welcomed.  Hopefully we are in the hands of good guardians who get value for money and have a vision and timescale to match.

Investments appear to be the most critical area this season for the playing side, with new players and possibly a couple of last season’s loanees coming through the door.  This month and next will certainly give a clearer indication as to the way forward, with my fervent hope that we start the season with a well rounded squad.  Easier said than done I admit, but let’s get proper pegs in their appropriate holes.

Recruitment is unquestionably the key here and I hope we have the expertise to handle it well. Since Tom Wagner’s arrival and the rubber stamping of approval by the EFL, the pride for playing in a Blues shirt should reach out far and wide.  Getting the squad right is now the exciting priority for all us supporters, with welcome mats down and the doors of the arrivals lounge well and truly open.

Mitchell Bray


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  1. Smithy

    New beginning with decent guardians is hopefully ours now. Trust in all staff will be well rewarded by the paying supporters. We look seriously open for business.

  2. Ivor Roth

    We need to get down to St Andrews to show our support for the new owners. Hopefully a new dawn after so many years of dross. All we ask is for some stability and success.

  3. Mitchell

    As regards the ‘arrivals’- what do fellow supporters make of the ‘departing Jobe Bellingham? This hard on the heels with the windfall expected due to older brothers Real Madrid transfer scheduled for later today. Surely Jobe would be an investment to savour.

  4. Malcolm X

    Welcome Uncle Tom, your audience awaits. Feeling the new buzz around Birmingham’s No.1 Club!

  5. walker

    for me jobe isnt at the moment a 1/4 of the player jude is. but if sunderland want him why are we only selling for 1.5 mill. 3 million for a team with money should be nothing. they are taking the potential for peanuts… And i am bemused as to why anyone would want to move to sunderland unless the wage has tickled his fancy.

    • Smithy

      Statement from club now required over this Jobe transfer.

  6. Tracey Tyler

    On his brief appearances last Season l did not see in Jobe the same talent as l saw in Jude,maybe he will be as good but l prefer George Hall over either of the Bellingham’s to be honest.

    • Mitchell Bray

      Yes I can see your point Tracey. However there may be many reasons why a fresh start is needed for him. Perhaps Jobe wasn’t keen to have Jude on hìs shoulders etc.with comparisons. What is required is a proper statement by the club. No good just being silent- we have had a decade plus of that.

  7. Ed Truman

    Can’t imagine we’ll get an explanation from the club Mitchell. Would be very surprised if we did. Of course it’s disappointing to lose youngsters with potential, but what matters is that we have a squad of players who all want to be at St. Andrew’s. Clearly that isn’t the case for Jobe or his advisers. Let’s hope we start to see some incoming soon.

  8. Stan Moye

    The word on the terraces for weeks leading up to the end of the season that Mark Bellingham was keen to promote a move for Jobe away from Birmingham City. With the obvious family connections to Mr Speakman it doesn’t take a genius to work that one out. Personally l’m grateful for the input of the Bellingham family. But now is not the time to be negative in anyway, as a club we are definitely looking up, so let’s remain full of optimism. Agree also with Ed, we only want a squad of players who really want to be at our club. KRO

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