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4 Jul 2023 | 6 comments

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Walking along the high street of Henley-in-Arden during these summer months with an ice cream in hand isn’t bad at all. Strolling on a few hundred yards towards Stratford and looking right at the current Blues training ground, things get even better. New players arriving on proper, permanent contracts and recent loanees making similar signings. Surely this is our new beginning?

There is a confidence and an air of relief that I feel strangely tops the actual goal for a Premier League spot. Under Tom Wagner and his team that ultimate success may happen in time of course and, no doubt, will be welcomed by everyone. But in my view these summer months of massively moving forward is a “promotion” in itself, in terms of knowing we actually have our football club back and are proud to say it.

Patience and planning will no doubt be the strategy under TW, with supporters being asked for our understanding. Which of course he will get. However, with a new regime in place I do not expect the playing and coaching staff to be in a cosy place. I simply cannot imagine that Mr Wagner will be in any mood for complacency or simply happy to tolerate those wanting a walk in the park.

The days of Championship survival targets are, I desperately hope, now history. What happens from this day forward will be progress, and the continued employment of players by this club will only be for those performing on the pitch.

As of now we appear to be in a good and sunny place. Let’s hope the new season brings a little extra delight to replace our summer ice creams. Maybe bubbly next May? Who knows.

Mitchell Bray


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  1. Smithy

    All looks promising and quietly exciting. STILL feel TW will get players in who can get us through relatively unscathed before the all important transfer window next January. At present he hasn’t full control which no doubt will come during the autumn.

  2. JP

    I believe in a level headed approach to optimism so the ice creams aren’t quite doing it for me just yet.

    I mean why are Birmingham even entering into negotiations to sell Chong? Why haven’t they said anything positive about Sanderson? Why is Bellingham so keen to leave? Where do we stand on the goalkeeping front when the best keeper we have can’t be played for financial restrictions? Will we buy a proper centre forward? Will we strengthen the defence? Personally I’m glad that Deeney has gone, he was an expensive millstone that didn’t produce the goods, but we haven’t replaced him. The club has bought some interesting players but still not yet filled all the gaps left by some of the players that have left, certainly not the experience. Yes we need youth, but we need someone who can immediately do a job too.

    So, though I’m more optimistic than I was at this time last season due to the off field goings on, I’m still to be convinced that we’ll be better on field too; I hope we are, but let’s see where we [are] after the first couple of months by which time we will hope the squad will have gelled.


  3. Tracey Tyler

    Agree,still have to watch the FFP rules that’s why we are having trouble getting Sanderson in,l would sell Chong to Luton to fund it to tell you the truth,l don’t think Chong is quite the same player after his first injury while he was on loan with us,never looked the same after we bought him last season.

  4. Peter Bates

    All looks good up to yet takeover taking shape ,I think the manager needs to toughen up in his responses when things go wrong don’t think proper people running the club will put up with excuses but hope he gets time will be interesting to see where we are after 10 to 15 games ,still think we need a box to box central midfielder kro

  5. Fred Greaves

    I think, as always, The Blues Trust can be relied on to provide a balanced, yet positive assessment of the current situation. Keep up the reassuring work, guys and thank you !

  6. Ivor Roth

    Always stopped for an ice cream at Henley on our way to Oxford or Bournemouth. Let us hope that the new owners try the ice cream and see things in the ice cold reality of the team and fans.
    We have to wait a few months before we know their true intentions. I have a good feeling about this; as so many Blues fans are involved. I think these guys are in it for the fame and enrichment a football team brings.
    It may take three years to get to the Premiership but I think the ice cream will not have melted.

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