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8 Aug 2023 | 9 comments

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Leeds United at home this Saturday heralds a new chapter in the life of every Blues supporter.  Not only because it begins the first home game of a new season, as important as that is.  But also, of course, because it carries the fanfare for our beloved club’s new investors.  I have absolutely no doubt that they will be warmly and gratefully welcomed, and particularly so after such a long wait for new leadership and, with it, genuine hope for a brighter future.

My hope is that players and supporters firmly put their best foot forward.  We want to make a good impression, and we want to show a bit of class both on and off the pitch.  Tom Wagner really needs to be shown how much we are behind him.

Support and commitment strike deep within B9, not least after years of us weary followers literally hanging on in there.  But now a deserved upturn in fortune beckons.  We know it and we grasp it firmly, because this is the golden break we have wished for.

The players will be on the front foot I’m sure, and keen to be part of this new journey.  And with so many newcomers taking to the pitch at St. Andrew’s as properly contracted employees.  In itself, such a refreshing and welcome change.

Predictions and crystal ball gazing are not up for grabs from me at this early stage of the season, although many fellow Blues fans are likely to be doing just that.  For me it is more an expectation that this new season will be the one which, finally, delivers consistent performances of good football.  Failure to achieve this will be promptly dealt with though I am sure.

The 2023/24 season is here to be enjoyed and, hopefully, it will be.  And with it the accompanying and very satisfying thought that whatever our new hierarchy dictates is fine with us, together with the comforting feel that any nasty twists or turns have been banished to the past.

Leeds United at home, tough as that sounds, is just the test we need.  A point won’t necessarily be a disaster, but the mindset of Tom Wagner and his supporting team will probably want more.  Bring it on.

Mitchell Bray


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  1. Lich Blues

    A point would be a good point as was the point from Swansea away.

    A win would be great to keep the positive mood going.

    But for me because we finally have owners with vision, wealth and business acumen I am confident for the first time in years.

    It shall be great to see the way we develop over the next 5 years or so.

    Losing to Altrincham seems like a lifetime away now.

    So much positivity.



  2. Ed Truman

    Spot on Mitchell. Bring it on indeed! My season ticket has now arrived and I’m all revved up for Saturday.

    For me the material difference is that we now have people running the club who will act positively if results don’t shape up. I don’t just mean sacking the manager. Any one can do that. But by investing properly to strengthen and improve things for the long term. So there is now hope that we can ride challenges if results are poor. Before there was none.

    Still hoping for a win on Saturday though!

  3. Brush Strokes In Blue

    As you say bring ’em on, you know what I mean.
    Every Bluenose should get behind the club cause we’re going for promotion and need everyone pulling together.

  4. Mark R

    I’m really looking forward to the season ahead, possibly more so than ever before.
    Not only do we have owners who seem determined to succeed in seeing Blues achieve their full potential—which in itself is mouth-watering and has arguably never quite been achieved, ever—but we also now have a team with real energy and pace that will enable JE to play a more aggressive, high press and possession-based game.
    For Lord knows how long we have conceded 60-80% possession per match, which I know doesn’t mean it’s not a successful approach, but I’ve personally never enjoyed watching the opposition dominate the ball, especially at St Andrews!
    From the Swansea game and the squad Blues have assembled already, it looks like we will be spending a bit more time with the ball this season!
    Anyway, win, lose or draw this Saturday v Leeds, let’s make some noise and really get behind the lads-that’s the best way of welcoming Tom Wagner and his team to our wonderful, beautiful football club.


  5. WayCoolBlue

    We have a good record against Leeds and that was with a much weaker squad. But I would take a draw. I’m sure the fans will all get behind the team…. we are bluenoses…. that’s what we do.

    • Malcolm Smith

      Getting excited Mr Champ talking about promotion that’s more like it Paul Get the promotion bus started up for round the town Hall K R O

  6. David foley

    So at this stage in the transfer window we are after a keeper , Really .
    One that we should look at I think would jump at the chance is
    McCrorrie of rangers , he is very good young keeper and let’s face it but land is going to keep him out which I would say
    McCrorrie is the better keeper

  7. Malcolm X

    Ok, let’s put everything into prospective here.
    For sure we are in a much, much better place now than what we have been these past 12 miserable, non descriptive years.
    I have reflected on these ‘lost years’ and its quite apparent to all that neither the EFL(who need to be put to task on their complete failure to investigate the shannanigans of the takeover and running of the club these past years, but of course we all know that won’t happen….but should never ever be forgotten) and Birmingham Council who have had no interest in helping or supporting BCFC throughout the traumatic ‘lost years’, infact those of us in our later stages of life will recall that the Council have always shown a negative approach to the club, with their sole focus being ‘best friends ‘ with the Aston Mob.
    Now we find ourselves going in the right direction under a part(and fingers crossed total) ownership and a very experienced CEO and for the first time in many we can see a brighter future. They have clearly begun to build a more productive relationships with the Council (bless them!) and equally the ‘lovely’ EFL, and whilst through gritted teeth, it’s got to be a positive moving forward.
    Let’s hope we can in the next 12 months to gradually bring in the quality of players needed for a serious promotion push, and compliment some of the quality we have seen in this pre-season with some of the signings.
    Finally over to you Mr.Eustace, you’ve been given the opportunity to bring in the players that are in the main above the level of last season,and now it’s time for you to deliver. We wish you well.

    • Tracey Tyler

      Great comments but reality is needed,we still have a threadbare squad and there are a few players who are not going to pull up trees this season,Striker situation is worrying as l do not believe we are going to get much return from Juke,Hogan,Cosgrove and just going on his previous record Roberts,Dembele has a lot to prove as he has done next to nothing for the last 2 seasons so let’s hope last at Swansea was the start of a renaissance for him.Centre back is a worry so l cannot understand why Gordon was let go on loan.Midfield looks good but we need Hall back quick to give it that extra class.I personally would be happy with a Top Ten finish with a couple of good Cup runs and get the season over and get rid of those high earning so called Strikers Cosgrove,Juke and Hogan who are preventing us buying a descent one.

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