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10 Aug 2023 | 10 comments


Well? What do you think of events at the Blues this past week? And what are your expectations for the upcoming fixtures? Whether it is about results, performances or developments off the pitch, here is an opportunity to share your views on the week that has just been for BCFC and also to look ahead to the weekend.

Blues Trust will be posting the Pinboard every Thursday morning so that Blues fans can express opinions, good and bad, about progress as the season unfolds. And your thoughts for the fixtures coming up.

We hope you’ll participate, and maybe sometimes even start a conversation, by letting us and other Blues fans know what you think……

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  1. Malcolm Keating

    I’m very hopeful for the future, after so many years of nothing we have something to believe in. KRO.

  2. Peter Bates

    Impressed with what has happened so far at the club , midweek a professional performance on the pitch ,hope the standards of the stewarding at home has improved, last season was a joke surely the company that manages the stewards have a code which includes dress and knowing the environment they work in, very lax last season kro

  3. Gary

    Well, we couldn’t ask for anymore than what has happened sinc the new owners stepped through the doors at St Andrews. They achieved so much already with the ground, with signings, with PR and all with very little fuss. This has in turn provided two good performances on the pitch from what I have watched and read about and resulted in two season tickets for the first time in 5 years. Above all though, the new regime seem to be honest and trustworthy and have already shown a true undertanding on what Blues and the fans desire. Well done all

    • Ijaz

      I was driving past the ground and the new frontage looks absolutely beautiful. A fantastic makeover of the highest standard. I hear it lights up as well. If they can improve the inside to the same high standards then wow. I hope we can get a striker and some defensive cover asap. Most will be happy with a top half finish this season.

  4. Richard Docker

    A shout out from me for the staff at the club store. I ordered a home shirt online a couple of weeks ago and, unfortunately, the wrong size was sent. Annoying, but no big deal in its self and no surprise really when people are run off their feet as has been the case there recently. Mistakes happen in those situations. I rang the store and the customer service I received was excellent. Equally frustrated, sincerely apologetic, determined to correct the error as quickly as possible and a full refund on postage offered. All sorted now with the replacement shirt arriving this morning. So thanks to Wendy, Beth and the rest of the team for treating me like a valued customer and not an inconvenience.

  5. Mitchell

    So far so good. However there still remains an issue which bugs me. John Eustace has always and hopefully will continue to hold my respect and trust, but one match in and we hear we ‘are down to the bare bones’ for reasons being strains and the continual hamstrings. We need to rectify these ‘pulls’ asap as even friendly matches throw up the wretched ‘h’ word. We know we desperately need cover particularly in central defence where Marc Roberts is prone to this injury. No more ‘bare bones’ please John and get fit and rugged personnel to compete in central defensive roles. One game in and we really shouldn’t be in this situation.

    • Mark R

      Totally agree Mitchell-I was also slightly alarmed by JE declaring he is ‘down to his bare bones’, particularly in defence, earlier today.
      I’m sure Craig Gardner will be working hard with JE et al to rectify this situation, plus we surely have the loan option to utilise once certain Premier League players realise a season at Blues will do their careers a power of good!
      Let’s hope in the meantime we keep the ‘bare bones’ injury and suspension free, at least until reinforcements are brought in.
      I like the squad assembled so far though, so I have complete faith in their ability to bring the right players in.
      This slight concern won’t dampen my or anyone else’s excitement for Saturday though-this remains one of the most eagerly awaited eras in our 148 year history.
      Who knows, we could be celebrating our 150th anniversary in the Premier League!! (I know, steady on!)

      KRO and On and On!

    • Lich Blues

      Been absolutely delighted with everything the owners have done since arrival.

      I agree we need further signings but think they shall come before long.

      I was wondering does anyone know yet what is planning to celebrate the contribution of Trevor Francis to our club?

      I mean at the match tomorrow and long term.

  6. Ed Truman

    Tonight feels like Christmas Eve when I was a kid back in the day. Only one more sleep until a very special day. Really excited to be going back to a St. Andrew’s that will be alive, buzzing and full of hope. Enjoy the day Blues supporters, wherever you are in the world. Whatever the result, the club we love is back on that road! KRO!

    • Mark R

      Nicely summed up Ed—I couldn’t agree more.

      If we win tomorrow the roof will need repairing, let alone the stands!!


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