Rail Savings For Blues Trust Members And Followers

2 Aug 2023 | News

St Andrews


Travelling by rail to watch the Blues? We’ve teamed up with Trainsplit, the split-ticketing specialists, to bring you some great savings on train travel. You can book standard tickets or try and save money using their simple split-ticketing tool on our website here or by clicking on the button below.

We suggest for future use that you bookmark the following link https://www.bluestrust.org/rail-savings-for-blues-trust-members-and-followers

The facility is available for all rail travel and not just for when watching the Blues.

More and more people are becoming aware of the fact that split tickets or split-ticketing can make rail travel cheaper on many routes but there’s still some confusion over what they are and the way that they work. So what are the important things to know? First and foremost, split tickets work in exactly the same way as a conventional ‘through’ ticket, it’s simply a case of having more tickets for the same journey as this often works out cheaper.

There is some helpful information from Trainsplit in the section below.

Blues Trust Rail Tickets

Every time you travel and enjoy a saving using split tickets, you will be helping to support Blues Trust because Trainsplit will be making a donation to the Trust based on the cost of each booking.


Blues Trust cannot and is not prepared to intervene to deal with any rail problems, queries or issues that you may encounter in organising your travel.  All questions and any refunds must be referred to Trainsplit.  However, any feedback would be good to have and you can do so by leaving comments in the section below.


There are further details below from Trainsplit, and they have a helpful page with FAQ information that you can access from our website here.


Blues Trust

The following Information is from Trainsplit

Split Tickets

The site will automatically select split tickets which tend to be cheaper. Due to the quirks of the UK rail industry it can often work out cheaper to break your journey down into separate legs where the aggregate cost of the combined tickets is lower than a standard through ticket. The site works out all the ticket combinations for you and you will often be travelling on the same trains at the same time. If you prefer to travel on a standard ticket you can simply switch off the splits option. A railcard can also reduce the cost of tickets by 30%.

You can also apply filters to match the best option for your journey including Standard or First Class tickets. You can buy a flexible ticket or an advance ticket. With a Flexible ticket you don’t need to travel at a specific time and they can be refunded. Advance tickets are often cheaper but you have to travel at a fixed time and they cannot be refunded. Also if you travel on an earlier or later train you might incur a penalty fare.

The site will default to the Best Value option and it will select a combination of the fastest journeys and the best available fares but you can also select the Fastest or Cheapest journey. The Fastest journey may work out more expensive and the Cheapest journey might take a little more time. The site will display a range of fares at different times either in a Timeline format or the more popular Grid format. If you hover the mouse over a particular journey the details should be displayed (e.g.departure and arrival times, length of journey etc).

You can also use the seat selector to choose your preferred seat type (e.g. table, forward facing etc). Please note that not all trains companies offer reserved seating.

Receiving Your Tickets
  • The site will default to e-tickets.  This will generate a confirmation email and the tickets will be attached.
  • The tickets include a QR code which can be scanned at the barrier but it is also possible to print the tickets in advance.
  • If e-tickets are not available you will be required to collect your tickets at the station.  This can be done at the ticket office or from one of the ticket machines.
  • If you are collecting your tickets from the machine you need to select the Collect Pre-Paid Tickets button on the machine.  You will then be asked to enter the payment card that was used to purchase the tickets. It does not need to be the payment card used to make the purchase. You will be able to insert one of your own payment cards but you will not be charged.
  • You will then be asked to enter the booking reference – usually an 8 character alphanumeric code – and the tickets will be printed.

If you have purchased a flexible ticket the site includes the option to process your own refunds where applicable. Payment usually hits your account within a couple of days but they may be subject to a £10.00 processing fee.


We make an adjustment to the ticket price based on a percentage of any split ticket saving as detailed in the following example;

Split ticket saving:  £10.00
Adjustment:  £1.50 (that’s 15% of the split saving)
Net Saving:  £8.50
The adjustment is only made when we find a split saving and this will not apply if you book standard tickets.  We normally find that any of our costs are more than covered by the overall savings.


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