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15 Sep 2023 | 5 comments

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During this enforced international break from our own Championship football, one topic has dominated the news media as far as Blues are concerned.  This, of course, being the reference to John Eustace and his possible departure to Rangers in Scotland. At first we took notice, but then we quickly saw a deluge of stuff being written and spoken about with successors to JE being dished up.

Whether it was me being overly touchy on this fake news farce I’m not sure, but irritability quickly took over.

At last, we now have our club under serious and stable ownership after a decade of being tossed all over the place.  The new ownership regime has strategies in place for future success and the intent to become an active player in the great community of Birmingham itself.  Basically a new club, the likes of which we had begun to think we would never see again.

My plea is don’t break it.

We have to show respect to our new owners and also demonstrate that tittle-tattle and gossipy fake news is not for us Blues fans.  We must rise above it and continue to demonstrate the support which they have very quickly recognised. Fake news is harmful, and this particular issue demonstrates the very curse that appears to be destroying other areas of life in general.

Protecting what is good has never been so important in this current climate,  and Birmingham City FC is for the first time in a long time in a very good place.  Trying to destabilise it is for others and not for the true followers of our resurgent club.

Two away games in quick succession now, eagerly awaited against Watford and Preston North End.  Injured players hopefully returning, points up for grabs and performance levels to be maintained.  That’s the real world for us.

Mitchell Bray


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  1. Geoff S

    Your article is a welcome and sober appraisal of the current situation at BCFC. The term “gossipy fake news” is a good description in the light of a torrent of distinctly unimpressive media speculation.
    However, would it not have been more reassuring for everybody associated with Blues (especially John Eustace) for the St Andrew’s boardroom to have issued a statement quelling these stories? Can anything be read into the fact that this has not been done?

  2. Ed Truman

    Well said Mitchell. Completely agree. Peddling gossip is cheap journalism. Can’t believe that other supposed Blues focused social media outlets are still recycling this rubbish. The season has started well. Better than expected. And the club itself is now in a fantastic place. At last. But it is only a start. We need to push on and continue to progress. That won’t happen if we let this corrosive nonsense get it the way.

    • susan allen

      Rangers story complete and utter bullshit Not happening never was happening Will not happen John will still be managing us in the Prem next season kro

  3. Ivor Roth

    So happy with the news that John Eustace has committed himself to our club. At last there are signs that we will be competing at a higher level. I think the new owners Wagner; Cohen; Brady are as committed as us fans to see this club get into the Premiership.
    Such a pleasure to wear the shirt again after seeing it in the bottom drawer for so long.

  4. Smithy

    We are in a strong position to condemn all rubbish talk. Respect has been fiercely fought for. Other media sites claiming to be true followers must know fake news from genuine. Rocking our boat now will take more than idle nonsense undercurrents.

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