FSA: Anger At Prospect of Late Sunday Kick Offs

25 Sep 2023 | 5 comments

Reports appeared in the Telegraph this week about the potential for 6.30pm kick-off slot in the Premier League’s next TV deal.

At this stage we don’t know how much truth there are to the reports but even suggesting such a thing has led to a significant backlash already. Sunday evening KOs would cause havoc for the average match going fan’s schedule and the FSA 100% oppose the prospect

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  1. Steve

    It may just about be acceptable for home supporters, who live reasonably close to the ground, say within 60 mins travelling time, but the prospect of leaving the ground around 8.30 pm on a Sunday night for some home supporters and especially away supporters, is going to put them off. Sunday travel after 6 pm on buses and trains is unpredictable, motorways close early for overnight roadworks, pubs and restaurants close early or do not open at all, motorway services have reduced offerings and on top of that, it’s up for work at 5.30 am on Monday. Go to a game on Saturday, play something (football, rugby, golf etc ) Sunday morning and then afternoon and early evening family time. With games on a Friday night, all day Saturday, all day Saturday, as well as Monday to Wednesday, puts a strain on family time, work and social activities, as well as its really expensive. I thought football, or any sport if bit comes to that, was for the supporters and those who enjoyed the involvement, not TV companies and big business to screw out as much money as possible.

  2. Tracey Tyler

    It’s a disgrace that we have all these evening kicks offs as well,last season was a utter disgrace and this season is potentially on the same level.Not to have 3 o’clock kick offs for 2 months at a time is disgraceful,it’s not that we have the greatest infrastructure around the Ground either,getting home at 11.30 is the norm for a 8 o’clock kick off.

  3. Jonno

    Whilst I can understand people’s objections for various reasons, personally I’d rather a 6.30 kick off than 12 o’clock

  4. Ijaz

    Football is a business and while fans don’t like it the clubs want to maximize their income. If KOs are changed to accommodate TV then sadly that’s the nature of the beast.
    We all want our clubs to be successful and while it may not be ideal having to suffer late KOs the money is used to pay players wages and bring new signings in.

  5. Mitchell Bray

    Sadly the whole cycle of sport and life is dictated by the unstoppable bullet train of money. Sky etc. is alien to the needs of actual supporters going to games. Their audience caters for sofa watchers staying at home switching on and eating the junk food that the NHS has to treat in later years.

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