Binning The Criticism

5 Dec 2023 | 5 comments

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Coventry City away next Friday evening is a crucial game. Easy to say, and absolutely blinking obvious. For me this game is about us, the supporters. Forget the public comments from our manager openly questioning his players. And forget the almost kamikaze defensive tactics that are destroying the season even before the Christmas tree lights are switched on. Blues fans need a convincing win to restore faith.

Our players aren’t bad, and they certainly do not become hapless overnight which no doubt is what they are feeling right now.

We desperately need to get back to winning ways, and with a return to some semblance of the on-field organisation that left us happy at the final whistle after beating West Brom back in early autumn. But whatever thoughts and frustrations we harbour as to how the coaching staff are passing their ideas on to the players, we need to bin them because, however understandable, they will not help the situation. Only a win will do that. The match against Coventry City provides another opportunity to get it.

As supporters we all see and feel the frustration around us, made harder by the game plan injected into the players who now look too timid to try and play to their own natural strengths. Managers and players come and go, but new owners such as we now have are very, very scarce. We must not lose sight of that. So far they haven’t criticised anybody publicly, as opposed to the regular and public player bashing from our manager. Surely that is not the answer when things are going badly? That approach only installs fear and ultimately assists the opposition.

Victory at Coventry City on Friday should be for our valued owners and long suffering supporters. Even if it means going off-grid and playing in a sensible and natural way.

Mitchell Bray


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  1. Bill

    I totally agree with Mitchell. Decent players don’t suddenly become bad ones. Public criticism doesn’t help either as it destroys confidence. The new owners have done great things off the field but it’s only on the field that determines success.

    In the case of adversity the facts have to be faced however and Wayne needs a win on Friday very badly.

  2. Smithy

    Fear and uncertaincy within the ‘John Eustace’ players plus low esteem bucketed into them by our new head coach equals poor returns. Coventry might prove a turning point but damage will take a bit more treatment. We need proper management for now at last a proper football club.

  3. Stan Moye

    The next three games are absolutely pivotal, not just for the club, but also for us the supporters. We are constantly reading about how vital various funding streams are to the clubs financial strategy, but if results don’t improve how will that impact on attendances. Also without stating the obvious, if results don’t improve somebody somewhere will have to take a serious look at Mr Rooney’s performance.

  4. Harry Parker

    You’re right Mitchell, a win away at Coventry with 4,000 fans would go a long way to lifting everyones’ spirits – fans, players, coaching staff but for me it has to be a dominant performance to show we’ve made progress.

  5. Gazal

    A lot has been said this week on Rooney talking publicly about the players, which has been seized upon by the anti Rooney brigade. Well i have to agree with his comments and it is time for the players to step up and show us all what they can do on the pitch rather than the training ground.

    We will learn a lot about our players tonight and I for one will be looking for a positive reaction. If we dont get it then Rooney is flogging a dead horse and we have to go back to the 10 behind the ball approach.
    I want our football to change and why shouldnt it? We dont have to be the cloggers anymore, we have owners who mean business and the players will come.

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