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12 Dec 2023 | 5 comments

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After Friday night’s drubbing by a very mediocre Coventry City team, anger aimed at our manager has made for an unpleasant weekend. Other media sites have stoked up the fire, and the vitriol is spreading rapidly as a result.

Criticism is fair game I would agree, but only providing it is aimed in the right direction and tempered without outright distaste bordering on hate. If it isn’t, that is not acceptable in my view.

Wayne Rooney is clearly not popular or, it would seem, accepted by the majority of Blues fans. I am in that category myself. His managerial record so far is poor, and indeed most of us expect it to become even worse after the next three games. So it is not surprising that disappointment is becoming difficult to contain.

What is a greater concern in my opinion, however, is that we as Blues supporters do not let this spill over to our newly welcomed owners and senior management. Managers come and go but good owners are rare. This weekend has seen unrelenting criticism aimed at those in high office at St. Andrew’s, and certainly people more senior than Wayne Rooney.

This is self destruction on a scale which makes for nothing but serious damage. The last event any true supporter of our club needs, I would strongly suggest, is that the owners now start having second thoughts or regrets as to their bold decision to buy into Birmingham City. Resentment spilling over towards the very people who pulled us out of likely oblivion is obviously the wrong action to take.

Wayne Rooney will be judged by his performance, and the supporters feelings will be the first to hit home and will not go unnoticed by our hierarchy. We are all frustrated with results, and we know this situation could have been avoided. But we are all in this together, as we have always been being Blues followers. Tom Wagner and his senior management team know the score without the need for any unpleasantness being aimed at them. Show to them that they have invested in a club with true supporters. They chose us and let’s never forget that.

Mitchell Bray


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  1. Bill

    You make a very good point the owners have been great off the field. However there’s no doubt that the sacking of the very popular John Eustace undid a lot of goodwill with Blues fans. The logic behind it was compared to the sacking of Gary Rowett and the outcome appears to be the same. The decision looks very naive on the part of the owners.

    Wayne needs to turn things around quickly and learn from his mistakes and ‘football without fear’ that appears to be insisted upon by the club’s senior management be forgotten and replaced with a more pragmatic and winning formula. Otherwise we will have the best club set up in League One !

  2. Smithy

    Really need a good result tomorrow at Cardiff with no doubt results elsewhere tonight piling on the pressure. Physical presence required with Roberts and maybe Burke easing the way for Dembele and Stansfield. Sunjic and Gardner might play a role also. Clean sheet first priority.

  3. Gazal

    Its reassuring that we still have the more defensive players at the club to fall back on if needed, but there is plenty of time to at least give the new style a try.
    I’m sure a couple of players will be added in January, and if it still doesnt work on the pitch then it would make complete sense to revert to the safer style of football to see us through the season.

    Rebuilding in the summer will hopefully have us seeing some better football played, although I dont expect playoffs or promotion for at least a couple of years.

    • Ed Truman

      Well said Mitchell. Spot on. I think we all made the mistake of raising our expectations a bit too much when the new owners took over and the season started so well. So the sense of disappointment now is more acute than it might otherwise have been.

      I also have reservations about Mr Rooney, but I can’t believe the owners brought him in to fail so I remain hopeful that, one way or another, things will turn soon. But as for the abuse being aimed at Tom Wagner and even Garry Cook, that is bang out of order. Things are difficult just at the moment but we are in a much, much better place than we were twelve months ago so let’s all keep a lid on the frustration. There are still a lot of points to play for.

      • John

        I not heard any abuse aimed at Wagner whatsoever! Cook on the other hand is being blamed for taking on an alleged mate in Rooney.

        If Cook had taken on a proven manager when sacking Eustace everyone’s reactions might have been a bit different. Rooney, so far, has demonstrated his total lack of experience in managing a football team in both tactics and in his man management.

        Unless Rooney can get a massive turnaround in results, it is becoming very hard to see how he will still be here after the Leeds game, by which time, without the ‘massive turnaround’, Blues could be in the relegation zone. Can’t see Wagner putting up with that, and even if Cook hasn’t sacked Rooney then Wagner surely will, for if not, all these great ideas for the future will go up in smoke if Blues end up in League One.

        I really hope Rooney can turn it around, but unless he changes his current style/expectations of play to a more pragmatic style that suits the players, he and we will be doomed.

        In the meantime all supporters are giving, and will continue to give, Wagner et al total backing. It is Cook they aren’t happy with for employing Rooney and for also putting ridiculous pricing on the Lower Tilton and Lower Kop – hence the massive spaces and unsold tickets! Cook has done well behind the scenes getting St. Andrews up to speed, but the two big mistakes of Rooney and ticket prices have upset fans.


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