Mission Statement

▪ What is Blues Trust?

Blues Trust, one of 170 Supporters’ Trusts, is set up for Birmingham City fans. Driven by one clear objective, Blues Trust aims to improve relations between Birmingham City Football Club and its fans; affording supporters a greater say in the way Birmingham City is run.

Blues Trust is a member of Supporters Direct – whose goal is to promote sustainable spectator sports clubs based on supporters involvement and community ownership – and is fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


▪ Principle Aim

To establish a unified voice for Birmingham City fans, secure representation and influence within Birmingham City Football Club and to help safeguard the Club’s future.


▪ The Blues Trust Philosophy

  • We are a democratic, non-profit organisation set up by the fans, for the fans.
  • We are open to all – become a member by signing up online here.
  • We aim to significantly improve communications between Birmingham City FC and its fans.
  • We offer an annual membership package, affordable and accessible for everyone.
  • One member, one vote: you are the voice of Blues Trust.

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