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Statement on forum comments

Posted on 10 Aug 2015

Blues Collective has asked Blues Trust to dissociate itself from comments made by one of its members on on-line forums. I have looked at the thread ‘Blues Collective vs Blues Trust’ on the Small Heath Alliance Forum and can confirm that the views expressed there are the personal opinions of the member concerned and not the official view of Blues Trust. The Trust wishes to dissociate itself from those views. We use our own website and social media accounts to make our views known; we do not post them on forums.

Blues Trust does not want to be involved in disputes with Blues Collective or any other Birmingham City supporters groups. We are willing to talk to any group and co-operate when our interests overlap. As we have said in our mission statement, we aim to work with other supporters’ groups, not in competition with them – we recognise all groups have their own different purposes and roles.

Margaret Decker
Chair of Blues Trust

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Blues Trust: Mission Statement

Posted on 24 Jul 2015

logo100x100The Trust has updated its Mission Statement following feedback from members. You can read the new Mission Statement here.

Members we spoke to were generally supportive of the high level objectives set out in the new Mission Statement…but they also wanted to know how we plan to achieve these aims. The Trust intends to add further pages to the web-site setting this out in more detail.

If you have any comments on the Mission Statement or what you think the Trust should be doing, please contact us at

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General Meeting of Birmingham City Plc and possible restructuring of BIHL

Posted on 13 Jul 2015

logo100x100General Meeting of Birmingham City PLC and possible restructuring of Birmingham International Holdings Ltd

General Meeting of Birmingham City PLC

The Blues Trust understands that a General Meeting of Birmingham City PLC has been scheduled for Tuesday 11th August 2015 at St Andrew’s. The meeting, called at the request of Birmingham International Holdings Limited (BIHL), will be held to consider and, if thought fit, to pass the following resolution:

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BIHL: Receiver’s Announcement on Restructuring and Funding

Posted on 11 May 2015

Blues Trust statement on announcement made by Receivers

logo100x100The Blues Trust is aware of the announcement by the Receivers of Birmingham International Holdings Limited (BIHL) on 8th May covering “Update on Possible Restructuring” and “Securing of a Funding Commitment”.

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Blues Trust writes to the Securities and Futures Commission again

Posted on 17 Apr 2015

logo100x100On 10th April the Trust posted an article giving an update on Disclosures of Interest made by shareholders in Birmingham International Holdings Limited (BIHL) to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. We explained that there had been some positive developments in that some of the concerns raised in our earlier letter to the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) in Hong Kong appear to have been addressed through new or revised disclosure notices. We also noted that there appear to be some significant errors in Carson Yeung’s recent disclosure notice and that we are still waiting for Wang Lei to submit a revised disclosure notice to correct what appear to be some inconsistencies with other information.

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Disclosures of Interest Update

Posted on 10 Apr 2015

Disclosures of Interest Update

Disclosures and understanding who owns our club

Blues Trust - Logo (website)Shareholders with more than a 5% interest in the Blues holding company (Birmingham International Holdings Limited – BIHL) must, under Hong Kong stock exchange rules, make public disclosures in various circumstances – for example when they buy or sell significant numbers of shares. A key objective of the disclosure rules is “to enable investors to identify the persons who control, or are in a position to control, interests in shares in listed corporations”. This is where the interests of investors in BIHL coincide with those of Blues fans – we too have a strong interest in the identity of those who control interests in BIHL shares, as ultimately they control our club. Daniel Ivery has posted a piece expanding on the importance of share ownership on his Often Partisan web-site.

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