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Why Blues Trust?

Over thirty different supporters’ groups are listed on BCFC.com. Why so many and what are they all for?
Most groups are based on location and it’s easy to understand the reason for these. The nearby groups can come to games together; those in far off countries can get together to talk about their club. But what’s the point of Blues Trust?
Blues Trust is an organisation for all fans who want to strengthen the influence of supporters in the running of the club.

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Another view on Millwall policing

We asked Nick Glynn what he thought about the policing of the Millwall game on Saturday. He is a Blues supporter and a retired senior police officer.

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Millwall policing

I went to the game at Millwall on Saturday and want to write about what happened off the pitch. Please note that I’m writing about what I saw. Other Blues fans may have seen more and had totally different experiences.

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Welcome Steve Cotterill

We would like to welcome Steve Cotterill as the Club’s new First Team Manager, and wish him the best of luck for the rest of the season.

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Harry Redknapp Sacking – Statement

The Blues Trust was surprised and disappointed to hear of Harry Redknapp’s dismissal on Saturday evening. The team’s start to the season has been less than ideal, but then so had the summer’s preparation

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2017 AGM date change

We chose October 14th as the date for the Annual General Meeting of Blues Trust so that members could go to the meeting in the morning and to the Cardiff game in the afternoon. So, it was unlucky for us when that game was selected for television and moved to Friday the 13th. We have now decided to change the date of the AGM to November 18th and hold it before the home game against Nottingham Forest.

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