Creating Change for Future Football

Posted on 17 Apr 2015

FANsmallIn November 2014, Blues Trust were invited, via STAND Fanzine, to London to meet with representatives from Trusts and supporter groups of clubs that were in crisis. We really welcomed the opportunity to highlight our rather unique plight with other representatives, particularly in the capital. However, it was also interesting to hear about the problems being faced by other clubs as well, and whilst it could be argued that it was reassuring to hear that we were not alone in the difficulties that we faced, it was also frustrating, worrying and difficult to recognise that any club – indeed any supporter – could face these problems, and that real change on a national level needs to occur, particularly to the governance of football. And what better time for that change to happen than around an election?

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Disclosures of Interest Update

Posted on 10 Apr 2015

Disclosures of Interest Update

Disclosures and understanding who owns our club

Blues Trust - Logo (website)Shareholders with more than a 5% interest in the Blues holding company (Birmingham International Holdings Limited – BIHL) must, under Hong Kong stock exchange rules, make public disclosures in various circumstances – for example when they buy or sell significant numbers of shares. A key objective of the disclosure rules is “to enable investors to identify the persons who control, or are in a position to control, interests in shares in listed corporations”. This is where the interests of investors in BIHL coincide with those of Blues fans – we too have a strong interest in the identity of those who control interests in BIHL shares, as ultimately they control our club. Daniel Ivery has posted a piece expanding on the importance of share ownership on his Often Partisan web-site.

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A fresh start for Blues Trust

Posted on 9 Apr 2015

logo100x100I’d be lying if I said that this last couple of weeks have not been hard for members of the Blues Trust board.  We all have lives and other things to do apart from trying to sort out where the trust should go from here.

But there is a positive side.

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A Time of Change

Posted on 6 Apr 2015

Blues Trust - Logo (website)Blues Trust Board is going through a time of change.  Work and other commitments have made it difficult for us to devote sufficient time to running the Trust.  We regret that two board members, Steve McCarthy and Lee Bradshaw, have resigned from the board because they can no longer give the time that their roles required. Steve had been chair of the Trust since being elected to the board at our first AGM in 2012.  Lee had been involved since the summer of 2011, when a group of supporters first met to talk about the idea of setting up a trust.

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Financial Pressures?

Posted on 27 Mar 2015

Blues Trust statement concerning announcements by holding company and club on 25/26th March 2015
logo100x100The Trust is aware of the recent announcements made by Birmingham International Holdings Limited (BIHL) and the club concerning demand letters and other matters. The implications of these developments are discussed in two articles (1) (2) posted by Daniel Ivery on his Often Partisan web-site.

In summary the BIHL announcement covered demands from three sources:

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