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  • Blues Trust was formed on 21 February 2012 and is an organisation for fans of Birmingham City Football Club, run by fans of BCFC. Our mission is to ensure fans have a true voice in the things that affect our club and how it is run.

  • If you really care about BCFC and want to affect positive change then we want you on board.

  • In its short existence the Trust has already secured the long term future of our stadium as an asset of community value, as well as establishing itself as a credible and respected supporter group.

  • We are a shareholder in Birmingham City Plc
  • Blues Trust is a member of Supporters Direct whose goal is to promote sustainable spectator sports clubs based on supporters involvement and community ownership.

  • Blues Trust is affiliated to The Football Supporter’s Federation, the democratic organisation representing the rights of fans.

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EFL Fan Forum

I was one of the fans who attended an English Football League Fan Forum on Monday evening. I think we all found it informative and enjoyable. I particularly enjoyed the session led by Chris Foy, on rule changes and refereeing decisions.

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Blues start dancing to Monk’s funk

Seven straight defeats smashed into touch with determined aplomb and a rare clean sheet to boot. The temperature inside St. Andrews on Saturday may have been sub-zero but Blues were red hot.

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Writing for this site

We are planning to get more members involved in writing for our site because we welcome new ideas and discussion of what Blues Trust should do.

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Welcome Garry Monk

The Trust would like welcome Garry Monk and his team, and wish them all the best for what we hope will be a long and successful relationship with Birmingham City.

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Steve Cotterill and the Poisoned Chalice

The title of this article might sound a bit like a Harry Potter novel and Birmingham City could certainly do with a magic wand right now. Following the sacking of Steve Cotterill, there has inevitably been an explosion of news articles……….

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Our voice is getting louder

Many thanks to all those extra Blues Fans joining the Blues Trust. Having more members does make our voice louder. Also please remember Blues Trust is a democratic organization

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