Clubs In Crisis – Motion For Change from Leyton Orient Fans’ Trust

We need your views regarding a motion proposed by the Leyton Orient Supporters Trust (LOFT).

The Blues Trust, along with the Trusts of many other clubs, has very recently received a communication from LOFT asking whether we would support the following motion at the forthcoming  AGM on 29th June 2019 of the Unified Football Supporters Organisation (UFSO – the name now given to the recently combined Football Supporters Federation and Supporters Direct).

Proposal to the UFSO on a club licensing system from the supporters’ trusts of a number of clubs:

This meeting re-affirms the motion adopted at the 2017 AGM of the Football Supporters’ Federation, instructing the Board and National Council to press the FA and the EFL to introduce a licensing system for clubs, overseen by an independent regulator.

This meeting further notes that since then there have been an increasing number of so-called “crisis clubs” where supporters and trusts have had to contend with negligent and irresponsible owners, and where the footballing authorities have not taken action to manage or prevent such crises.

This meeting further notes that the FA/EFL Owners and Directors Test is not working and is not fit for purpose.

Consequently, this meeting instructs the Board and National Council as follows:

  1. To make it a top priority to press the FA and the EFL for an independent regulator to oversee a licensing system for all clubs.
  2. To campaign jointly with supporters’ trusts in the strongest possible terms to call for this work to be adopted.

The Board of the Blues Trust supports the motion unanimously. Before we consider sending our support to our friends at LOFT, we’d like your thoughts, as members of Blues Trust, in a very short Yes/No poll which you can complete below.

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Thanks for your support

Blues Trust

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