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Time for action

We are all extremely concerned and disappointed after Tuesday’s troubling result, and hope that next Saturday will offer an opportunity to put things right.

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Blues Forward View

Blues’ annual report, released last month and widely discussed, makes for concerning reading. From a year ago, a club operating reasonably within its financial means, from a football team safely ensconced within mid-table, the last twelve months have seen all sense of consistency, prudence and responsibility reset.

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Meeting with West Midlands Police

Yesterday evening, Sgt Mike Wilkinson and PC Colin Barlow met with some Blues supporters to talk about the policing of Birmingham City games.  The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss arrangements for the game at Villa Park in February.  Supporters who went to the game there last season agreed that the arrangements had worked well and similar arrangements are planned for this season.

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Geoff Horsfield Foundation

During the discussion at Blues Trust AGM, I proposed that we should support a charity and that charity should be the Geoff Horsfield Foundation.  This Foundation provides quality, safe and secure supported accommodation for vulnerable adults within the West Midlands Area. After reading about it, I felt that it was a good fit for Blues supporters.  It supports people who’ve suffered misfortune; some cope by using drugs or alcohol, and, at times, behave badly – surely Blues fans can empathize with that!

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Can we do something for the community?

Blues Trust aims to promote a good relationship between fans, club and community and we tend to concentrate on the relationship between fans and club. I think that’s because we’ve thought we don’t have the active membership or resources to do much for the community.

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