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  • Blues Trust was formed on 21 February 2012 and is an organisation for fans of Birmingham City Football Club, run by fans of BCFC. Our mission is to ensure fans have a true voice in the things that affect our club and how it is run.

  • If you really care about BCFC and want to affect positive change then we want you on board.

  • Since it was formed, the Trust has secured the long term future of our stadium as an asset of community value, as well as establishing itself as a credible and respected supporter group.

  • We are a shareholder in Birmingham City Plc
  • Blues Trust is proud to be affiliated to the Football Supporters’ Association which arose from the merger of Supporters Direct and the Football Supporters Federation.

    The FSA is the national, democratic, representative body for football supporters in England and Wales.

    It is the leading advocate for supporter ownership, better fan engagement, cheaper ticket prices, the choice to stand at the match, protecting fan rights, good governance, diversity, and all types of supporter empowerment.

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In his recent interview Ren Xuandong talked about making the club more financially sustainable. What is that likely to mean for Blues?

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Thank You

Thank You

A massive thank you to everyone who responded to our recent “Does anyone care” article…..

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BCFC:  Does anyone care?

BCFC: Does anyone care?

Does anyone associated with the running of Birmingham City football club really care about it? …..

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