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Can we do something for the community?

Blues Trust aims to promote a good relationship between fans, club and community and we tend to concentrate on the relationship between fans and club. I think that’s because we’ve thought we don’t have the active membership or resources to do much for the community.

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Why an AGM?

Annual General Meetings are not usually the most entertaining events so why does Blues Trust hold one? We hold one because we have to. We are set up as a community benefit organisation and are legally required to hold an annual meeting to report to our members and give them an opportunity to ask questions.

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BSH annual report for the year ended 30 June 2017

Birmingham Sports Holdings Ltd (BSH), the parent company of Birmingham City FC, has published its Annual Report (and Accounts). Nearly all the business of BSH relates to BCFC and so this report is of interest to Blues Fans. At Blues Trust we have looked through it and provide a summary and comment here.

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Why Blues Trust?

Over thirty different supporters’ groups are listed on BCFC.com. Why so many and what are they all for?
Most groups are based on location and it’s easy to understand the reason for these. The nearby groups can come to games together; those in far off countries can get together to talk about their club. But what’s the point of Blues Trust?
Blues Trust is an organisation for all fans who want to strengthen the influence of supporters in the running of the club.

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Another view on Millwall policing

We asked Nick Glynn what he thought about the policing of the Millwall game on Saturday. He is a Blues supporter and a retired senior police officer.

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Millwall policing

I went to the game at Millwall on Saturday and want to write about what happened off the pitch. Please note that I’m writing about what I saw. Other Blues fans may have seen more and had totally different experiences.

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Upcoming Events

18th November 2017
Saturday - 11am
The 2017 AGM of Blues Trust will take place in the Deritend Training Room at St Martin in the Bull Ring, before the home game with Nottingham Forest.
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