Frequently Asked Questions

Blues Trust is an organisation for the fans of Birmingham City Football Club, run by the fans of BCFC. It works to ensure fans have a true voice in the things that affect our club and how it is run.

What is Blues Trust?
What has it achieved?
Is it affiliated to Supporter's Direct?
How can I become a member of Blues Trust?
You can’t realistically buy Birmingham City. What’s the point?
Supporters’ Trusts only work where clubs have gone into administration or have suffered deep financial hardship. Why bother?
Fan protests have been tried at Blues before and have never worked. Why should you be any different?
If the club's Board does not want to engage with you or if supporters don’t want you, what’s the point in a Trust?
How much is this going to cost me and what is my fee used for?
We've had some problems with our website over the past few days and are trying our best to put them right. We apologise if some of the features are not functioning correctly particularly on our membership pages. We hope to restore any missing items over the next few days.
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