Supporters Direct Members’ Day

Supporters Direct will be holding a Members’ Day on Sunday May 20, in Birmingham.
Save the date if you are interested in standing for election to the Blues Trust Board or just want to find out more about the organisation.

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Player awards

We have been told that supporters groups will, as usual, be able to present awards to players at the end of the season. The provisional date for these awards to be presented is Tuesday May 1

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Reasons for Optimism. Or Pessimism. Or Both.

There are lots of reasons why I shouldn’t be writing this. They’ll become more obvious as I go on, but in short what follows might just be a case of football fans’ blind optimism taking hold over reality. Nonetheless……

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EFL Fan Forum

I was one of the fans who attended an English Football League Fan Forum on Monday evening. I think we all found it informative and enjoyable. I particularly enjoyed the session led by Chris Foy, on rule changes and refereeing decisions.

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Blues start dancing to Monk’s funk

Seven straight defeats smashed into touch with determined aplomb and a rare clean sheet to boot. The temperature inside St. Andrews on Saturday may have been sub-zero but Blues were red hot.

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Writing for this site

We are planning to get more members involved in writing for our site because we welcome new ideas and discussion of what Blues Trust should do.

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