Staff departures

Blues Trust were saddened to hear of the departure of CFO Roger Lloyd, club secretary Julia Shelton and financial controller Gary Moore

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Building on a shoestring

Garry Monk was looking for options to bolster a squad that is very thin on the ground. It’s fair to say, regardless of the negative take on social media, the Blues boss has achieved that

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With Monk, there’s hope

A new season brings renewed optimism and after listening to Garry Monk’s pre-Norwich press conference, there’s plenty of hope. The Blues manager sounds like a man on a personal mission…..

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Blueprint 2025

And so, Blues prepare to go once more unto the breach in the Championship. Once more, a promising end to the campaign has dissolved into another pre-season fog of apprehension, if not quite the dumpster fire of last year.

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Club statement

It’s good to see a statement from the club; we call for better communication and silence condemns BCFC Board to rumour and speculation……….

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