Membership – FAQ’s

We have had a number of questions concerning our membership rules and below are our responses.  Just click on a question to reveal the answer.

If there is anything you wish to know that is not answered then please let us know by completing our contact form here.

Why have a membership?
What are Blues Trust's Aims and Objectives?
How much will it cost?
Will I get regular information and updates?
What will my money be used for?
Will I have a vote?
Are there any age restrictions?
Can anyone join?
How do I apply?
How long does it last?
Will you notify me when my membership is about to expire?
What happens to my one ordinary £1 share in the Trust if I don't renew my membership?
How do I pay?
Can I receive your newsletters if I am not a full or junior member?


We've had some problems with our website over the past few days and are trying our best to put them right. We apologise if some of the features are not functioning correctly particularly on our membership pages. We hope to restore any missing items over the next few days.
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