Another manager leaves Blues: Pep Clotet

Although there had been rumours in the last weeks about Pep Clotet’s future at Blues, on 8th June, the club officially announced that Pep would be leaving his post at the end of the current season.

The announcement was presented in such a way as to believe that this was Pep’s own choice to step aside and let someone else take the reins and lead the club forward. The club voiced their sadness at Pep’s decision and wished him well.

We at Blues Trust hope that this is the case and that Pep is moving on for personal reasons. His family is still in Catalonia and, especially during this most difficult of times, it must have been very difficult balancing family concerns and his job at Blues.

We at the Trust want to join the club in wishing Pep all the very best for the future. Pep has always presented himself as a gentleman who tried to do the best for the club. Even when things seemed stacked against him, his quiet and unassuming manner was clearly evident.

We remember well the away game at Bolton when he simply couldn’t believe how passionate the Blues fans were and filmed it. He showed a true love for the club and its supporters.

Pep was appointed as Gary Monk’s assistant on 4th March 2018. He has been at Blues now just over two years. Following Monk’s sacking, Pep was asked to be caretaker manager as from 9th June 2019 and he took over as full time manager on 4th December last year.

It is clear that under his coaching and managerial time, Blues have adopted a more fluid and attractive style of football and it has been a refreshing change for the better. We must not also forget that it was Pep who gave Jude Bellingham his big break, which has led to great things for him and the club.

Under his caretaker and full time managerial time to date, Pep was in charge for 42 games, won 13, drew 13 and lost 16. A win average of nearly 31%. Not a bad record.

We wish Pep and the boys the very best of luck for the rest of the season. We want to take this opportunity to thank Pep for his work and dedication to the club and wish him all the best for the future.

Blues Trust

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  1. Sausage n Egg

    He jumped before he was pushed … A nice bloke but that does not mean a good manager ……Pity Dong doesn’t do the same but he is not a nice bloke either

  2. Steve Barrett

    Mikhail Forsell would be a good fit for Blues, with Kevin Phillip’s as his assistant.

    • Gez

      Lovely fella who has conducted himself impeccably… A great front for dongs incompendance… Had a bright prospect shine for him and some good players bought and loaned for him.. Should have had more wins and his tactical ability struggles at times.. Wish him well, but the board are on there thousandth manager now.. Where does the merry go round end, when the money runs out?

  3. Peter Bates

    Once again the club we all love made a laughing stock in football circles. How much longer do we have to put up with major decisions being made by people who, if a manager does something or asks for something they don’t like he is fired. Please go now Mr dong. Your decision making is a shambles. Leave our club. You do not have a clue about birmingham city or us the supporters. Please go now and good luck pep. Great respect for you

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