Bienvenidos Aitor Karanka

Blues Trust would like to welcome Aitor and his team, and wish them all the best for what we hope will be – at long last – an enduring and successful relationship with Birmingham City.

We are pleased that Blues have managed to secure the services of a manager with not only a proven track record in English football, but also experience of playing at the highest level.

He has a wealth of credentials which deserve respect; respect that must translate into the autonomy to recruit, train, and select the players in whichever way he sees fit, without unwelcome contribution from football or non-football personnel who do not possess the relevant skills.

Nothing will change at Birmingham City unless lessons are learnt from the catalogue of mistakes over the last few years – and learnt fast. None of us wish to be repeating ourselves yet again in six months’ time.

We look forward to seeing how Aitor and his staff will set about rebuilding the squad, reshaping the team, and given time, improving performances on the pitch.

Keep Right On

Blues Trust


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  1. Andy

    Great appointment! Finally some great news for bluenoses everywhere! KRO

  2. Peter Bates

    At last something to be optimistic about let’s hope aitor karanka will be allowed to manage the playing side without interference and at least give us more reasons to be optimistic about the new season welcome aitor kro

  3. R Smith

    If I were Karanka I would have made it a requirement that non football people kept their noses out of team affairs before I took the job. Knowing from his past that he can be a bit feisty I am sure that was the case. Hope so anyway.

  4. Sausage n Egg

    Think he might be the man to throw a bit of crockery about… Some of the players need a cup bouncing off the head While others need a number for a taxi… I think any passing interfering bloke in a track suit might also get told to go forth and multiply.. I don’t expect him to be muffled in his collar hands in pockets showing no emotion like we have witnessed recently. Looking for him to steady things and build in his own way and being given a chance to do just that .He is a better bet than most of the names linked with us

    • John Davies

      A manager is only as good as the new players he can bring.
      And God do we need some.

  5. Paul Bradley

    Karanka is a good appointment. He’ll only be at Blues for five minutes if he isn’t allowed to have full control over the recruitment of Players and team playing style and selection.

    Have the owners finally seen the light??

    I wouldn’t bank on it but here’s hoping!!!

    • Elaine Jones

      Am I like many other fans wondering where he is?Give 5 days on no press conference or news.

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