End of season discussion: Video

Blues Trust Chair, Cliff Horrocks, was delighted to be invited to take part in the end of season discussion hosted by Chris Skudder (broadcaster, journalist, and sports presenter for Sky News and Sky Sports News) with Tim Andrews (former BCFC Ladies CEO), Mark Garratt and former Blues manager Harry Rednapp.

Watch the video below.

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  1. They will never lose face.

    A very well presented and thoughtful discussion. The only way the Chinese owners will go is if they are ordered to by the hierarchy.

  2. Valentine Mark Phillips

    It is very naive to believe any manager worth his salt will apply for what is an impossible job.
    Bowyer is the best bet but does he want to repeat what he has just experienced?
    As one who lives in the north west I am afraid the Blackpool fiasco is probably the only way forward. In other words its going to take a long time to effect change.

  3. andy munro

    Well presented if slightly depressing. I’m still hopeful if we get in the right manager with a war chest of half of the Jude receipts things can be turned around albeit on the basis that there is no interference on the playing side from Dong and Co. One thing is certain is that its pointless demonstrating as we’ll just be shooting ourselves in the foot with owners that, whether we like it or not, are here to stay in at least the short to medium term.
    We need to win the war not the battle.

  4. Martin Pountney

    Thanks chaps this was an excellent video, good to see Harry again, hopefully a buyer will come out of the shadows and buy the club, Tim and Ian can run the day to day stuff and work with a manager, who is allowed to manage. KRO

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