Pep Clotet Departure

​Blues Trust wish to thank Pep Clotet for his efforts this season following his formal departure last night. That the Club have specifically declined to comment only serves to underline their refusal to properly engage with and communicate with Birmingham City supporters.

Given that the team had started to struggle before lockdown began, it is incomprehensible that the Club executive decided to effectively announce the end of the season before it restarted by signalling the departure of the manager, and releasing two good squad players.

Once again, Blues are left to reap the latest whirlwind of bewilderingly poor decision-making by the Executive. What’s clear is that the Club will continue to languish, and the fans suffer, until there is a significant overhaul of its entire culture, starting at the very top. As fans, we must ask ourselves what further pain we might be willing to accept in order for this necessary change to happen.

Perhaps the only area in which the Club hierarchy have any respectable track record – through luck or good judgement – has been in identifying the correct manager to steer Birmingham City through an end of season mire.

Again, this sort of reactionary appointment is unlikely to facilitate the kind of long-term planning that underpins success on the pitch.

Again, we find ourselves in a mess of our own making, and have no other choice. We must hope that, somehow, they strike third time lucky.

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    sam allardyce is the only choice to get us out of this mess!!!!
    No one else could

    • Bill

      Here we go again ……I saw my first game in 1960 and have seen several owners come and go. When Gary Rowett was dismissed by the current owner we were just a point or two away from the play offs now look at us !

  2. Jahmal

    Bored of this s..t show. Will just be the same every season, in a relegation battle. The only thing that will stop this is the owners go. If that means relegation to league 1 so be it. Leicester, Wolves, Southampton, Norwich, Sheffield United, and Leeds have all come out stronger after being in league 1. Hopefully the same can happen to Blues

  3. R Smith

    It is not the manager we need rid of it is the CEO. A disaster, and what self respecting coach would work with that clown?

    • Alan Spencer

      I have no confidence in this board at all they truly have no clue no stability at the club we all love they interfere to much in team affairs what manager what we get will after to be a yes men for them fools kro

  4. Mac

    Yea get big Sam in now on a short term contract to save our season

  5. Stan Drews

    To be honest, I don’t think it matters who is chosen, it only works when owners, managerial staff and players operate as a team. This will NEVER happen under these owners / CEO. The prestige / status of the club is at an all time low. For example, our women’s team have been destroyed, our ground, through years of neglect, is one of the worst in the championship.
    Think I’ve had it.

    • Sausage n Egg

      stick with it buddy…the club is ours (like the city) we will be there long after the Chinese have departed ..we are Birmingham City not them

  6. Sausage n Egg

    We all know that Pep was only a Number Two…now after his brief spell in charge he has proved he is a Number Two…Dong is also a Number Two but of a different kind

  7. Blues since 1968

    Pep spent the Lockdown in Spain with his family and it wasn’t a surprise that he and the Blues agreed to go their separate ways. Team seemed to lack focus and energy after the return so I think it is a good decision to bring in a caretaker manager now, with us being so close to the relegation zone.
    The current owners have made mistakes in their choices of a couple of the managers but have been very supportive of the club financially funding our ongoing losses of over £20m per year up to a total of around £100m now.
    Need to be careful what we wish for as new owners may not be so generous and we could end up like Wigan. Just read Trevor Francis’s autobiography and the terrible time he had with the Sullivan & Gold ownership during his 5 years as manager.
    Would like Bowyer or Robbins as new manager. Few of the older managers have thrived in the long term when returning over recent past

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