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The Supporters Club at Wigan are supporting their club by raising money to help fund Wigan Athletic FC whilst the search for a new buyer is on. They want to pay for the fixtures to get finished by paying for the coach travel and any accommodation.

An article in the Guardian outlines how the club was taken over and then put into administration in a week.  It raises questions, once again, about the way that the English Football League checks on people who want to buy football clubs. The administrator said that once they had completed Wigan’s six remaining matches, “they will investigate the bewildering circumstances of the administration itself.”

Birmingham City fans know what it feels like to support a club going through troubled times. If you sympathise with the Wigan fans and are able to give something to help, then go to their crowdfunding page.

Margaret Decker


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  1. Keith Purdom

    Hi I am thinking a lot of Blues fans will struggle to buy season tickets having lost jobs. I am fortunately not in this category snd would be willing to buy a child’s season ticket for a struggling blues fan to keep our next generation of fans at St Andrews I can imagine others might be willing to do the same. Could Blues trust somehow manage such a project ? I bet fans of many clubs might feel the same

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