Fortress St. Andrew’s?

10 Jan 2024

​Recently published data from the website revealed some interesting but disappointing facts as far as Blues are concerned. To begin with, the data showed that over the five year period 2019 – 2023, Blues had the highest number of home league defeats – 50 – across all Premier League and EFL sides.

Team Played Won Drawn Lost
1 Birmingham City 115 33 32 50
2 Queens Park Rangers 113 40 24 49
3 Forest Green Rovers 110 41 22 47
4 Stoke City 115 42 27 46
5 Cardiff City 114 40 29 45

Total number of Home League Defeats 2019 – 2023

Looking at the data another way, in terms of the percentage of home league matches lost over the last 5 years, Blues lost 43.5%. Again, more than any other team who were continuously in the EFL or Premier League during that period.

Team Loss %
1 Birmingham City 43.5%
2 Queens Park Rangers 43.4%
3 Forest Green Rovers 42.7%
4 Everton 42.1%
5 Southampton 40.8%

Percentage Home Loss rate in League Games 2019 – 2023

Now, you might think that this was simply because Blues have generally been very poor over the last five years. But, interestingly, the team’s away form, certainly in terms of the proportion of matches lost, was much more mid-table over that period. In fact, Blues lost 44.3% of away league matches over the last 5 years. That is almost exactly the same as the percentage of home losses, whereas the vast majority of teams have much better home records than away records.

What does this tell us? Well, it could be argued that the predominant style of play was generally quite defensive over much of that period, with a game plan that was better suited to playing away rather than at home where the team often struggled to be more offensive.

However, could it also suggest that the home atmosphere hasn’t been as intimidating as it used to be? That wouldn’t necessarily be surprising because if the team is consistently performing poorly, as has certainly been the case, it is difficult for supporters…of any club in fact…to raise the roof all of the time. It becomes a chicken and egg type situation.

Certainly, supporters of a particular generation will probably remember when St. Andrew’s was indeed a fortress with home defeats rare during the course of a season. Sir Alex Ferguson, for example, has been quoted on more than one occasion about how he always found St. Andrew’s to be a very difficult and intimidating place to visit because of the raucous home support.

The advent of a new manager gives us an opportunity to become more united as a fan base, and to get behind the team from the off. Can we play our part to help turn St. Andrews back into a fortress again? Starting on Saturday…..?

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