Are we ready?

All summer, Birmingham City has been urging fans to GET READY for the new season by buying season tickets and replica kit. The club has been getting the stadium ready; the pitch has been relayed and looks great.

Supporters Summit snapshots

The Supporters Summit at Wembley Stadium last weekend provided some insights into what is happening in the world of football. Ian Lenagan, the new Chairman of the English Football League, spoke at the opening plenary.

Fans working together

Fans fighting in France make more dramatic headlines than stories about friendship among fans. But all football supporters have interests in common and networks of fans do work together. Blues Trust has links with supporters of other clubs through its membership of Supporters Direct and we have shared Birmingham City’s tales of woe with fans of other clubs who have had dodgy owners.

What has changed besides the name?

Football League chief executive said, “We believe the EFL name and brand will give our competitions an identity that is new and distinct, while at the same time retaining our unique heritage.

Reasons to be positive

There are reasons for Blues fans to be positive even though there are some similarities between the impending takeover of Birmingham City by Trillion Trophy Asia and the change of ownership that took place seven years ago

Concourse catering

Teams do better when everyone knows what to do and what to expect from the rest of the team. That’s true of the catering team as well as the football team.

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