Lee Bowyer: Welcome back

16 Mar 2021 | 3 comments

​There has been more sorrow than joy recently at St Andrews but let’s hope that is changing. For most of us it is a joyous occasion to welcome back Lee Bowyer.

Lee was with us at a time of joy with the winning of the Carling Cup. Let us hope that this respected manager will turn our fortune once again.

This could well be a match made in heaven. It’s so good to know that we have a manager that also holds Birmingham City close to his heart.

We wish Lee a very warm welcome and pray his time with us isn’t too turbulent. Please turn our Sorrows into Joys.

Good Luck Lee and thank you for taking us on!


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  1. Sausage n Egg

    Hooray !! We have a head coach … That’s leaves just the arms and legs to get coached and some of them might become footballers!!!
    Bowyers in a good place .. Won’t shoulder the blame if we drop.. That honour will go to Karanka and Dong and already experienced at getting out of div 1… I think he might just throw a bit of crockery if it needs it too!

  2. Mitchell Bray

    My advice to the team if I were Lee would be to face what’s in front of them and not behind. Ten games in which to focus on and make it through with success.Little point dwelling on the past 36 games.Reading tonight are not Real Madrid and we are not Barcelona but the determination and guts will be the victors.

  3. John

    As fans all we want is to see the players work hard and show some passion, that was certainly lacking with the previous regime, I think Lee Bowyer is the man to instil the pride into the hearts of the Birmingham players, make them believe in themselves, give them the confidence to attack and to play for the fans, the badge and the club rather than just a pay packet. We need his enthusiasm and belief, we need a winning squad and we need players who believe in playing for Birmingham City. We’re no longer a big club but we could be again under the right leadership. As has already been mentioned Bowyer won’t carry the can if we’re relegated though we all hope for a minor miracle that t won’t come to that.

    Welcome back Lee.

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