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21 Apr 2021 | 13 comments

Wed 21 April

Birmingham City v Nottingham Forest

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With Lee Bowyer’s brilliant impact on our beloved Blues since his arrival, and the almost miraculous turn around in winning games, our once beleaguered club not so long ago has been reborn. With the help of the old, tattered prayer mats and the call to arms in mental strength – especially the nerve shredding Rotherham encounter last Sunday – another ‘ask’ is needed.

Forty-eight points is now achieved and that may well be enough to ensure survival and another season in the Championship. We will see. But another three points (hopefully tonight against Nottingham Forest) will do very nicely. What has been very clear from reading all sorts of contributions from BCFC supporters is the overall determination to rise above any calamitous setbacks, and there have been many to put it mildly, and stick by the actual belief that our club will not be broken.

Fanciful words maybe, but in reality this is what our following brings…..hope and a huge dollop of belief. Anyone who watched the Rotherham game and saw the Juke leave the pitch in the final seconds, thoroughly exhausted and totally spent by giving everything for the cause, will get my meaning. This club has something about us which, at the end of the day, engages all the suffering from the countless number of Blues fans across the globe. We are joyful and equally in despair more often than not. My thoughts on this season have been one of total frustration but not at the players, just unnecessary actions by hideous decisions prior to Lee Bowyer.

However, back to the present and Nottingham Forest. This might be the one to put the last of the fans shredded nerves to bed. Just brush the prayer mats down for a final time, think of that sight of an exhausted Juke leaving the pitch last Sunday and believe he and the team will be in no mood for lying down to a Forest fire. Everyone I feel is now on board. Thank goodness.

Mitchell Bray


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  1. Graham

    Hopefully the Dong out campaign will go away too we need a new optimism to look forward next season .

    • Leonard Edgington

      Where is Dong?
      Anyone seen him after Watford game.
      Maybe (hopefully) he’s gone back to China.

      • John

        I also hope he’s gone back to China …. For good!

        Personally if I ever hear his name mentioned or see another photograph of him again it will be too soon. The only way he should get another mention anywhere is if he’s used in a campaign “How Not To Run A Business.”

      • David Ward

        Sorry, but Dong needs to go. The club is a mess and it’s not going to improve under his incompetence.

    • david jevons

      What!! Dong must be removed.

  2. Walker

    1 more point should be enough. Just to make sure our goal difference doesnt come into play

  3. Julian Glass

    Yes let’s keep picking up points and see how high up the table we get and sets us up for an optimistic 2021/22

    I think Vong Pech and Martin Wiseman are scouring for a British Chief Executive who is prepared to accept the ‘Chinese’ business culture.

    • Roger Jones

      My hope is that the Chinese business culture will learn that to succeed in UK, in sport, in our city, country and club, they have to adapt to us. If they do they could become the most successful of all blues’ owners.

      They’ve tried hard enough to be our worst!

      But I’m prepared to give them one more chance!

  4. Kevin Hill

    One more push. Wouldn’t it be so nice for once to not be looking for other teams results for blues to stay up. Lee Bowyer affect has swept through blues camp like covid hes positive attitude is infectious. Hes tv presents when talking pre or post match. Can you even think to imagine the last few games under karanka. My shoulders shrug with the idea how close we where to going down. Not boosting yet pray mat still out but let’s see what lee does next season and omg that day will happen hopefully where KEEP RIGHT ON. And lee Bowyer is a blue. Sounds loud and proud from st Andrew’s. Oh to see the boys on blue its been way to long. Kro sotv

  5. John

    I said a few weeks ago that we need 50 points, a win tonight would not only achieve that but also put us 8 points above Derby before we play them at the weekend. My prayer mat is also still out but if we can take 4 points between now and Saturday we may be able to enjoy our last two games stress free, now wouldn’t that make a pleasant change.

  6. david jevons

    One big push next season to get REN OUT

  7. David Ward

    Not, “one more push”. You should never stop pushing. I’m sorry but this short term outlook is why the club is in the position it is. Stop wallowing in mediocrity and treating escaping relegated as an achievement.

  8. Mitchell

    David Ward. Believe me wallowing in mediocrity is never in any blues supporters locker. As for escaping relegation and treating it as an achievement is never hailed as a success. We have had 10 years of total mismanagement and it surprises me that any blueblood is still in our veins.

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