Ren Resigns

11 May 2021 | 7 comments

Blues Trust would like to articulate our great relief that Dong Ren has finally resigned as CEO of our club, a sentiment we are sure is shared by most Blues fans.

We are certain that coordinated pressure from the supporters – both groups and individuals – has brought this to bear and like the recent furore over the Super League announcements, demonstrates that fans are still able to exert our influence over the sport for the better.

Blues Trust now wishes to implore the BCFC board to consider their next appointment extremely carefully.

The right candidate should possess the relevant experience in football, and, if not an intimate working knowledge of – and passion for – Birmingham City, then a demonstrated understanding of the game and how it intertwines with local culture and history and people.

There is an opportunity here, with the right appointment, to reset the relationship with the fans, reset the club’s strategic course for the future, and support Carla Ward and Lee Bowyer and their teams to strive for the on-field success we all crave.

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  1. trevor dawes

    bring back lloyd and shelton poach barry fry as technical director to add that bit of bounce and fun and let’s enjoy our great football club once more

  2. WayCoolBlue

    Barry Fry is who I want. He would be amazing with all the contentions he has. You only have to look at the job he as dune at Peterborough it speaks for itself ????????????????

  3. Sausage n Egg

    Dongs boss tells him to sack Karanka despite squeals from Dong! ….LB given assurances that Dong will be gone end of season if he takes the job…. Dong gets to resign and walk away without sacked on his CV . Faceless eastern owners move Dong onto next victim of his incompetence… Start dum dum dum music from Eastenders …. The soap that is Blues !! ( all this is pure conjecture I may add)

  4. Mitchell

    My feeling since Lee Bowyer walked through the door was Ren was a spent force. He had to be. Firstly he never wanted Bowyer and visa-versa. Our club farcically runs through CEO’s like water. Pannu, Pavlakis and Ren so far. Let’s be under no illusion that Ren’s demise is the answer to our problems. Bigger picture, bigger issue is making the club attractive to potential buyers. Simple sentence but harder to carry out. We still need a bold statement from ‘whoever is pulling the strings’. Will it come, with hope for the future, and will it come at a time when season ticket sales should be of paramount importance.

    • WayCoolBlue

      Pavlakis Did an extremely good job. And he was only ever temporary.

  5. Liam Hindley

    Some good news! now who will take the CEO role that’s the million pound question

  6. David Evans

    I don’t like the nameless, faceless way that things are done at Blues. We would like to know who is actually pulling the strings. How about Blues Trust showing the way, and putting the author’s name to pieces like this? All respected newspapers put the name of their journalists at the top of any piece they publish. Then we have a chance of saying to Blues “Who has published this”? Is it the CEO? Is it the Club Secretary? Is it the Communications Team Manager? Lets put an end to talking to a brick wall. Let’s see some names.

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