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14 May 2021 | 17 comments

Blues Trust welcomes the club update recently released by BCFC. It addresses issues fans want to know about in a well structured  and credible way.

We are heartened by the improved communication and congratulate those responsible for taking this step forward in resetting the relationship between fans and the executive.  We are hopeful this can set the template for future communications.

Blues Trust remains committed to playing our part in creating constructive ongoing dialogue, and again would like to state our intention to work as closely as possible with Blues’ senior management team for the benefit of the Club. We look forward to contributing to the togetherness successful clubs need.


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  1. Mike Maybury

    Could have given an update on the Women’s team as the manager resigned today

  2. Granaldo

    Have to say that whoever wrote the news release should be applauded. This is the most informative information the fans have had in years.
    I hope that the further information promised is given to fans as promised.
    My own personal concern is when will the Kop and Tilton stands be re-opened. The fans want to support the team and the team need the support and the club the revenue. I agree that safety is paramount.

    • Jonno

      Other than the name of the contractor the statement doesn’t really say anything
      It needed to update the fans regarding CEO and other administrative staff Womens team, announce price and date of sale of season tickets, confirmation work on stands already started.

  3. Sausage n Egg

    A step in the right direction..although at the moment its just words,more words than we have had in a long while and only what we would expect from a properly run football club..been a good week with Ren going (methinks he was pushed) I might buy a lottery ticket

  4. Bill

    Let’s hope it’s the beginning of a far better relationship with the owners but it is very encouraging given what’s been happening for the past few years.
    Well done to whoever sanctioned it KRO

    • Martin Walsh

      It might be an idea to ask who was responsible with a view to expressing our thanks as this may encourage further improved communication in the future. We have (quite rightly) heaped criticism on the running of the club but when a step is taken in right direction we should equally applaud that.

  5. Keith

    This is a good start to build up a good relationship once more with us Bluebirds. It may have taken much longer than was acceptable but shows that good intentions are there to engage with us and share involvement. In my opinion the club has fallen short in the wider issue of community that was very good when Monk was here. It demonstrates a real wish to reach out to Blues fans and Birmingham as a whole. I know lockdown restrictions have not helped, but it is great to see the players and staff of the club in activities that promote and raise awareness of the people and local issues within Birmingham. Good start though. So you know what the answer is……

    Keep Right On!!

    • KEITH

      Sorry, was meant to say Bluebirds, not Bluebirds. Blame auto-correct !! ????

      • KEITH

        Blue Noses?

  6. Stan Moye

    At last, the sort of information we have been desperate to read. It gels and binds us together as one, everyone singing off the same hymn sheet can only have a positive effect. We understand that some information has to remain confidential in business terms. But the average Bluenose isn’t too concerned about that, we just want to feel part of the club, and that the owners and members of the board actually care about us.
    I for one can’t wait to get back into the ground and help bring Stan’s back to life, some of these guys who’ve never experienced playing in front of us, let alone a vocal rendition of “Keep Right On” better have the goose bump cream ready. Such positive news, l’m buzzing.

  7. Mitchell

    Since the day Lee Bowyer took up the reigns at St.Andrews especially without ever talking to Ren (who never wanted Lee), you just knew something was arising. My feeling is still unwavering that we may have new investors who ultimately will own the club.

  8. Peter Bates

    Very positive club update at least issues that matter to supporters were addressed let’s hope clarity and openness are a thing of the future and not the past kro

  9. Roger Jones

    Really, a good move would be for there to be a regular forum (weekly?) meeting where an important club official(s) met with an elected panel of supporters to exchange news and views. This would improve communications and be excellent for relationships between owners and supporters.
    Of course, it would have no power, but would help us all to feel a connection with the club. Our present owners have failed in the past in this respect.

    • Martin Hall

      The consultations you suggest should be with the Blues Trust as the body to represent the fans.

  10. Martin Hall

    It would seem from the tone and content of the Club Update that a breath of fresh air has blown through St Andrews after the departure of Mr Dong

  11. Terryms

    I sincerely hope the club will now realise they bcfc was only a couple of years ago a top 4 women’s team . The last couple of years of neglect has taken us from the top to the bottom for the sake of just a modest amount of investment and support. It is a pity that the club have lost a fine women’s team manager in Carla Ward.a leader that t could with the right support could have amen the club back to the top table with the big names of Wsl. . I hope the club will address this issue and grasp the opportunity. As for Carla I wouldn’t be surprised to see her appointed at Villa

  12. Mitchell Bray

    On reading the club statement again more closely- I am disappointed a proper name has not been included. KRO is all very chummy but a professional signature or similar would have carried more credibility.

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