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27 May 2021 | 7 comments

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However tired and weary we Blues supporters have become over the years, and in many cases decades, are we feeling a wind of change?  Since Lee Bowyer’s arrival and the demise of Mr Ren, and added to those the recent official (and welcome) update by the club, then we might well be. All very optimistic and positive so far, with thoughts of the new season and actually watching the games from our seats cementing our desire for more joy rather than misery.

Last week’s retained list of players and those being released created interest at a lower level, with not many surprises.  This perhaps giving a clue as to Bowyer’s brief for the new campaign.  Stability and small steps forward many supporters tell me, a season for mid table security and development from players in-house. All very tepid and expectations already watered down it seems.

However, in my view, what is fervently needed this time is a right good go at unsettling this Championship table and players under Bowyer’s watch perform to aspiring levels.  Quality is obviously needed, desire likewise, but actual belief is required more than ever.  Look at Barnsley if an example is needed.  B9 support is special and at this moment we are on a mini high with Bowyer and the return to our seats come August….reminiscent of Rowett’s era when survival was won and top six was the next target.  We will, of course, never know what might have been after that calamity sacking.

This time around, everyone appears on the same side and hopefully level-headed enough to achieve what we all want.  But let’s not talk of stability and progress in small steps, but more of ‘this could be our season’.  Just like Barnsley and Brentford have shown.

Mitchell Bray


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  1. John P

    I agree with you that there has been an upturn in communication, confidence and staffing since the arrival of Lee Bowyer. However, we don’t yet know if we’re all singing from the same hymn sheet as we still don’t have much of a clue as to who our actual owners are, or indeed if or not they actually care about the club. Also we haven’t as far as I know, received any information to our present incumbent as CEO or whether he or she is temporary or permanent or if they have experience in the position.

    Is there any money for the manager to spend? We don’t know. who will be the new women’s manager? We don’t know.

    I agree that things are looking rosier at B9 than they did three or four months ago but there are still an awful lot of questions to be asked and answered.

  2. Jevo

    Don’t get carried away! the best thing these dog poor owners have done since buying us is get rid of Ren.I agree with Lee stabalize and grow the team slowly. Remember the teams coming down will have massive advantage over every other team.

  3. Smithy

    Totally agree John P. TIME will tell.

  4. R Smith

    Rowett showed what could be done with pretty limited players, if Bowyer can motivate the squad like he did last year we could have a relatively successful season, but with the mess we are in financially we will not be spending on any great scale so I am personally just looking forward to a season where we are not involved in the relegation dog fight, perhaps mid table mediocrity is what we need.

  5. Steve

    With the new season ticket prices announced it raises a few questions.
    A price increase is fair enough, given no increase over last few years and a need to gain back losses due to Covid pandemic. However, whereas WBA gave part refunds to season ticket holders when unable to attend the final few games of the season when the Covid pandemic hit … BCFC are (as far as I can tell) making no allowances to set off against new season ticket prices for the games not allowed to attend at the end of same season.
    If this is down to finances, then it should at least be acknowledged and communicated, not ignored. I think most fans, myself included, would accept this as a contribution to the cause, although fans should really be given a choice; and thanked for their contribution.
    The biggest question is if fans renew season tickets and the government again say we are unable to attend .. will BCFC keep the money again for games where fans not allowed to attend, or will they refund for games the not allowed to attend??

    • John P

      I understand that this has now been addressed and credit against a new season purchase will be honoured if requested.

  6. Mitchell

    Good to hear that John P. Moving in the right direction hopefully.

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