Update: Open Letter to the Owners and Executive of Birmingham City PLC

10 May 2021 | 15 comments


Blues Trust in partnership with Tilton Talk Show


Dear Blues Fans

Thank you to all that have supported the issue of the open letter to our owners. Also thank you for feedback on the contents of the letter.

In response to the feedback we have made a few small wording alterations that remove inaccuracies.

We are happy that these small changes do not alter the substance of the letter.

Blues Trust has partnered with the Tilton Talk Show to prepare an open letter to the owners of Birmingham City PLC and the Board. We are asking blues fans to sign up to the contents of the letter that calls for the appointment of an experienced CEO to stop the rot that these owners are presiding over . The idea is to demonstrate to the owners that the vast majority of fans whilst backing Lee Bowyer and the team are demanding change at the Board and CEO level.

To have your voice heard please read the details below and then complete the petition information, if you haven’t already done so. Please complete the petition only once because any duplicate entries will not be counted.  The more signatures the louder your voice so if you have 5 season ticket holders or people who watch the games then we need all 5 to sign.  So come on lets #tiltontalkshow #BluesTrust #bcfc #KRO #getyourvoiceheard !

To the Owners and Executives of Birmingham City Plc,

The fans of Birmingham City FC are annoyed and tired with the continuing poor standards of executive management at our beloved club. We are generally a group that accepts and forgives mistakes so long as lessons are learnt. But years of decline provides the evidence to show that the executive management is severely lacking in its ability to run a football club or even learn to run a football club. This makes us question what the executive is planning next and to whether achieving the best for Birmingham City FC is top of their priority list.

This is the shocking list of decline

From This   To Now
Promotion chasing Mens Team   Relegation fighters, as a result of poor decision making and detrimental interference on football matters by the executive that has wasted money, brought instability and lack of unity within the club
One of the top Women’s Teams in the country   Relegation Fighters, following interference in structure and managerial appointments by executive with an exodus of good staff and players
Academy producing top players   Doubt and uncertain future following executive announcements and exodus of good staff
Top administrative management team   People with little expertise unable to fill the massive gaps left by exodus of good staff following disputes with executive
Close relationship with fans   Lack of basic communication with fans with a lack of transparency in plans, decision making, financial stability and future of the club.
Debt free club with sustainable business plan   Massive debts, uncertain business plan with opportunities lost and investment wasted. Unclear financial arrangements, use of money from opaque sources and breach of EFL financial rules.
Maintained ground with safety certificate in the ownership of Birmingham City FC   Unsafe ground with confusion over repairs programme and uncertainty as to who owns it with at least 2 companies having partial ownership (both operating in off shore regimes).
Hope of improvement under new owners   Realisation that owners are destroying our club, the identity of ownership is unclear / unknown and involves an extremely complex structure of companies, and individuals with intertwined loans, debts and equity dealings.

We fans will always support the teams and the managers. We are all over the moon about the recent results achieved by Lee Bowyer and the team. But the fans cannot support the continuing incompetence at Owner and Executive level. Support for the Executive and Owners has been lost and the rot has to be stopped.

By signing this petition, we call for the Owners (whoever they are) and Executive team to acknowledge the errors made as a result of poor executive management, and to appoint and empower a competent CEO with experience of running a football club, who understands Blues and will be able to support Lee Bowyer and Carla Ward and the players.

Blues Trust in partnership with Tilton Talk Show

The petition form is shown below.  If for any reason it doesn’t show up, just click on this link or enter this URL in your browser and click ‘Enter’   https://forms.gle/iZPWAAaLmoBDunMCA

Here is a link to today’s article on the Tilton Talk Show website.


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  1. John

    I have completed your survey and submitted it but I feel it’s all to no avail. I agree with your summary of each topic but the owners and particularly the CEO can’t see beyond there own noses and will simply ignore this. It is well documented that Dong bars anyone from his sites who dare to criticise himself or anything he’s doing at Birmingham so I don’t see this as carrying much weight.

    As painful as it is to say it, the only way to make the owners and board see sense is to not attend games once the gates are again opened to the general public. By all means go to the ground before a game and demonstrate, I’ll happily join you, but then leave and go home, spend no money at the turnstiles and none in the shop; only then will the powers that be sit up and take heed.


    • Keith D

      So a banner located at Blackburn was racist, totally unacceptable.
      Yet are The owners not discriminating against women. Totally diobollical how our women’s team Are the owners not discriminating against the supporters. After watching final score on Saturday. The praise The Efl were given was totally unacceptable. How many clubs in. The Efl are in trouble and have diobollical owners. Who don’t care about. The Clubs they Are running. Look at us, Sheff Wed and Derby, total turmoil. A few weeks ago on Gillette Saturday Soccer. A protest banner was shown live at The Watford game. Doing saw that banner live on Sky. One of The pundits, Paul Merston commented, “I don’t get it, that man has spent millions on The Club, BCFC. Needs to get his facts right not even spent a penny getting in the loo. No VAR in The Championship, total divide between The Premier and The EFL. Think we need to get at them as well as Dong. Vet any new owners properly, we wouldn’t be in this mess. When the crowds are back next season. No doubt The Kop will be shut. Dong will need The SAS. Support The Trust, the more voices the better. Justice will be done.

  2. pamela allsopp

    When will this letter be submitted?

  3. Paul Everett

    Another way may be to stay in the ground for 30 minutes after home games and let them know how we feel, they couldn’t ignore that and it would be shown on tv.

    • John

      The problem with that Paul is that once we’re inside they have our money and that’s all they’re interested in.

      Sing and shout loud enough outside and the noise will be picked up by the microphones and then the noise can’t be ignored, at least not by the media anyway. The chance are that Dong will probably leave as soon as he can after the game is over if he knows everyone is staying to call for his resignation, also the cameras will shut down as soon as the obligatory interviews are done.

  4. Beverley King

    It is so hurtful just to read it. Our lovely Club MUST be saved. We HAVE to KRO

  5. Mitchell

    We all cling to something at this rather uncertain time. Mine is this- Lee Bowyer joined us against a barrage of ‘don’t go there’, he is also reported as never spoken to the CEO who apparently never wanted him or Lee himself has committed to the club under an entirely new setup. Ren undoubtably in my mind is history and is now not allowed a say. Proof will be during the coming weeks when the club should embark on a campaign to get season tickets sold and for once make supporters feel not only wanted but needed.

    • John

      I can’t argue with your reasoning Mitchell and like you we all hope t6hat Ren will be gone well before the new pre-season kicks in. We haven’t heard a word from him since the media release of Bowyer’s appointment and I’m sure we all rejoice in that; whether he’s keeping his head down due to bad press or if it be by order of the owners we’ll surely never know. Hopefully the owners will have realised by now that if they want to sell season tickets or take money at the turnstiles or in the club shop, and/or if they want to stop the bad press then he has to be the first to go.

      Thank goodness that Lee Bowyer listened to the Blues fans and understood what he meant and still means to us rather than the doubters who not only tried to undermine Birmingham City, but also Lee Bowyer’s ability to do the job.


  6. Stan Moye

    We are all fans of our beloved BCFC, but the CEO hasn’t got a clue how to communicate with us. If he’s looking at the club as a business, his decision making is woeful, and customer service just does not exist.
    Fans up and down the country have similar feelings regarding owners who don’t give a monkeys how we feel. Let’s hope positive action is taken by the owners whoever they are so we don’t end up in a situation recently witnessed at Old Trafford.

    • Keith D

      Well said Stan, totally agree. Shows that even the top clubs in The Premier League. Their owners are not exempt from their fans support and communication. The owners don’t care, even with all their money. Not even the supporters of even The top 6. Just dread to think that we need decent owners who have £100 million to get these jokers out. Just maybe… Enough famous weakthy Blues fans out there. Unfortunately I can see only one answer, don’t buy a season ticket and merchandise. Support The Club and players outside. If The owners have no revenue we’ll…… Otherwise another season of the current owners. Points reduction, again or whatever next. KRO. Support The Trust…. The fans are The Club, our Club.

  7. Keith Purdom

    Much as I support your letter It would be appropriate to distance Trust from the racist banner. Imho they was plain wrong snd will have the effect of hardened attitudes. Chinese culture will kick back against racism as I would if it was directed at me

  8. debra rose

    I have submitted to support the letter. We really need Ren to be removed from the CEO. Lee and the staff have done fantastic turning our season around and we need to go into next season with Lee taking control and not Dung Ren. The owners need to put the club up for sale they know nothing the way we have had to put up with our owners these past years is shocking. Get the ground fully open for August so we can back Lee and the Boys and get a good kitty going for transfers. We need stability and we fans are sick to the back teeth of our Owners and board enough is enough get our of our club we want our club back. We want our Ground back.

  9. Ronald clive

    I have supported bcfc since 1951 a season ticket and share holder till 2004 when we moved to the south of England .i do keep up with all the news which is not good. I am a paid up member of the blues trust .i cannot understand how they let go the maintenance of the stadium .when bcfc built the new stadium my son’s firm won the bid to design the new stadium he disigned all the letters turnstiles and carparks .we had our seats in the tilton a proud day in our family. We need to elect a group of people at blues to talk to the owners on all the issues that need addressing. I would like a share issue offered to the supporters owning shares in the club would be great I would buy some again . Kro.

  10. WayCoolBlue

    Xuandong Ren Should be named without putting his name in the letter the letter will be ignored.

    Name him and shame him they will have to take notice. It’s the way they work.

    I signed the letter but with his name not on the letter he will simply deny that this is him.

  11. Bill

    Regardless of finance and reported internal unrest why doesn’t the CEO simply communicate more ? What’s the problem with that ? When people don’t communicate it breeds mistrust and feeds rumours. The lack of any kind of transparency even about players contracts (Juke for instance) is mystifying. No wonder there is unrest and questions about the ownership.
    The only way out is if Lee Bowyer can perform a miracle and get us promoted but even the riches provided by promotion would not solve the financial problem or get the ground back. The outlook doesn’t look too rosey but all we can do is keep up the pressure on the owners and give Lee and the lads all the support we can and Keep Right On !

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