Fan-led Review: Blues Trust Meets Review Panel

13 Jun 2021 | 5 comments

Blues Trust Meets Review Panel

​Members of the Blues Trust Board held a private meeting with Tracey Crouch MP, Chair of the Review Panel, and other Panel members on Tuesday 8 June.

The Trust took the opportunity to tell the story of Blues recent ownership history and highlighted many of the issues associated with poor ownership and ineffective regulation within football, not least concerning financial fair play rules and owner and director tests. We went on to highlight concerns, and proposals for improvement, in a number of areas including club ownership, ground ownership, supporter engagement, financial management issues and how the disparity in financial distribution distorts competition within the top levels of the game.

Tracey Crouch and the Panel engaged fully in the discussion with us and the issues we highlighted. They were particularly interested in the Blues story and took note of our ideas for improvement going forward. They thanked the Trust for providing evidence and for the level of detail submitted.

The Trust, working in partnership with the Football Supporters Association, also took part in another session with the Panel later the same day together with representatives from other championship club Trusts.  Fan engagement and the financial gap between the premier league and championship were discussed in particular detail, together with a variety of other topics relevant to the Review.

The Trust will be submitting further written evidence in the form of a final report later this month when the consultation exercise with Trust members and other Blues supporters is concluded.

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  1. Gary Loveridge

    This is very encouraging to read, exactly the role I would hope the Trust would fulfil. The more stories like ours that are brought to the attention of people with the power to do something about the destructive influence of ‘absent’ owners, the better. Well done to all concerned and thank you.

  2. i l roth

    the distribution of the money in football is distorted. the Premiership should acknowledge the lower leagues for bringing new players and competition on. There should be more money coming down the leagues to level the distortion which now pervades English football.

  3. Mitchell

    Meetings like these with MP Tracey Crouch really underlines how very fortunate we Blues supporters are in having a setup like the Blues Trust. My own belated membership only took place in March this year and I am just that- a member not a Board member. Any supporter realises how hard it is to make your voice or opinion heard especially when ‘born a Blues Fan’. These dedicated Blues Trust workers deserve much support and I strongly urge anyone reading my belated membership decision, to join this important group to get in and feel a part of what I believe is a genuine change for the better at St. Andrews.

    • Richard Walker

      Great to read you had a good positive engaging meeting with Tracey Crouch MP, Chair of the Review Panel, and the fact that she generally sounded interested.

      I look at what is happening to us right now as a positive thing when it comes to the fan led review. Its always better for someone to understand what is wrong when they can actually see it for real.
      Our plight will hopefully make change more possible. You can only fix something at times when it is actually broken.

      Keep Up the great work guy’s


      PS. As Mitchell says above… The more full paid up members the Blues Trust have the better.


  4. Valentine Mark PHILLIPS

    Well done Blues Trust and I am sure you did a lot of preparation beforehand to make the meeting as positive as it appears to have been.
    The only way forward is legislation.
    Football Clubs must become subject to similar stringent rules as PLCs are to the Stock Exchange.
    No stone must be left unturned in determining the detail of these rules.

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