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26 Nov 2021 | 5 comments

Birmingham City



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​Lee Bowyer needs help. Understanding is probably his biggest ask from us as supporters, followed very closely by total support. Injuries and suspensions are hitting hard, with each game throwing up another challenge. As followers of the club we simply cannot allow ourselves to make critical feelings get in the way of reality…..which plainly refers to patched up teams and players being asked to fulfil fixtures obviously out of their comfort zones.

Lee Bowyer and co. are in a hideous place at the moment, and should we emerge with another point this Saturday against a good Blackpool team then it should be applauded. Many times over seasons past we, the fans, have torn into team selections and ultimate performances. Quite rightly so, and no doubt we will do the same again in the future. But at this moment what is needed is unity and total support from everyone who wants Lee Bowyer and his threadbare squad to come through this awful period with a few crumbs.

We did it against Coventry City on Tuesday night and, with home support on Saturday against Blackpool, we can do it again. As supporters, our vocal contribution is all we can offer. But, as we have seen many times before at St Andrew’s, it can be crucial.

When we have our recognised first team squad back to something like it was just a few short weeks ago then, and only then, can we genuinely gauge our first half of the season.

Mitchell Bray


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  1. Smithy

    Point will be ok but when is Deeney going to start scoring? Likewise Jutkiewicz but in fairness he hasn’t been given much game time. As we are decimated in midfield perhaps play Troy in there.At Watford he did play deep if only to be an opposition destroyer.

    • Bill

      Lee is certainly getting as much as he can from the current squad so it’s time to dig deep. It would be good to see more academy players get their chance. I’m over seventy years old seeing my first game in 1960 and nearly all of our decent teams have had a sprinkling of home grown players in them. The problem now Is that the big guns try to take the best of them as they look for bargains. It’s good to see the likes of Oakley and James given a chance who I’m sure will progress now they have the opportunity. So there’s a silver lining in every cloud.

  2. Tilton Rod

    Spot on Mitchell…..the right message at the right time.

    It is so frustrating at the moment because the injuries and suspensions have hit us really hard. What was Gary Gardner thinking last week?! And just when we were beginning to hope that a corner had been turned.

    Other teams are suffering too of course, but the lack of proper investment in the squad over several seasons has exposed us for what we really are at this point in time. We can’t hold LB responsible for that.

    Indeed, we may only be marginally better off than the same time last season…23 points against 22 after 19 matches…but it feels to me like we are in a much better place now with LB in charge. Time will be the judge of course, but the club needs to recognise that he needs help if true success is to be achieved. And I’m guessing that the owners really do want that as much as the rest of us?

    Anyway, off into the cold and gales soon for the long journey to St Andrew’s. Here’s hoping for a return today.


  3. Mitchell Bray

    Super win and James to get top ratings is all down to LB. Silver lining somebody said about Jordan James.

  4. Tilton Rod

    Yes, we’ll take that. Not pretty. And maybe even a bit fortunate. But who cares?

    James did very well indeed.

    Well done Blues. Well done LB.

    Think I’ll treat myself to a bar of chocolate on the train home now!


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