BCFC Survey from Shabana Mahmood MP for Birmingham Ladywood

1 Jul 2022 | 12 comments

Blues Trust

Shabana Mahmood MP with Tracey Crouch MP discussing her fan led review and the ongoing situation at Birmingham City Football Club

To all fans of Birmingham City FC

Shabana Mahmood, MP for Birmingham Ladywood, is supporting the plight of Blues fans and our frustration with poor ownership at our club. Please will you complete her survey at the link here to help her in bringing evidence to her representations to government for action.  She is asking fans for information on how fans perceive the club and what can be done to put things right.

Below is a copy of her request to Blues Trust.  She wants to get a wide level of engagement and feedback.  Please could you help her by completing the survey as soon as possible.

Blues Trust

I am writing regarding ongoing issues at Birmingham City Football Club.

I have been grateful for the information fans have shared with me regarding their dissatisfaction with the club.

I recently asked the EFL to intervene in a potential takeover bid by Laurence Bassini– if that bid will progress remains to be seen.

I also recently met with Tracey Crouch, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Sport, Tourism and Heritage, who is leading on the Fan-Led Review, in order to raise the concerns of Blues Fans.

In the meantime, please can you share this Survey  with fan networks so that I can get a wide level of engagement and feedback.

Securing the long-term success of Birmingham City, a club with a long and proud and history in the heart of my constituency, is incredibly important to me.


Yours sincerely,

Shabana Mahmood MP | Member of Parliament for Birmingham Ladywood


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  1. Paul Lloyd

    EFL very poor they gave a hairdresser a fit and proper clearance when he did not have any financial credibility
    All triad money
    Then this lot my god
    Now this other English business man who has not got any credibility
    Just a waste of time.

    • Linda

      Hi Paul. Please can you click onto the survey and make your feelings known there too to the MP. We need as many fans to complete the survey. Thanks so much

      • Sausage n Egg

        Done!! Only glad someone is taking an interest in our club..yes OUR club …the idiots upstairs are puppet caretakers for far shadier idiots…..

        • Paul Mallett

          Nice one Shabenna I hope your doing this to win political votes.

    • Bill

      There aren’t that many clubs that change ownership each year so an in depth search of individuals becoming involved isn’t that difficult. I’m pretty sure an outside credit agency could easily vet on a confidential basis any proposed investors in football clubs. It would not be that expensive or difficult to do.
      Any respectable person looking to invest would not object.

      • Paul


  2. Julian Glass

    Blues Trust have been silent on all matters BCFC thus far. Why?

    • cliff

      Not sure I agree we have been silent the last article ‘the waiting game’ summed up the position as we see it and there has been no factual change as far as we know. We will publish things we know to be true and our opinions but we are an organisation that tries to steer clear of publishing rumour for the sake of filling column inches. We are also very aware of how divisive some of the rumour and counter rumour debates on social media are. We continue to work in the background with MPS, the FSA, authorities and other fan groups to get #BSHL out. We maintain contact with the management team at the club, however they are as in the dark as us all with what is happening at Board level and above regarding offers and ownership issues.
      Cliff Horrocks
      Chair, Blues Trust

  3. Adamj

    Something needs to change and give I can’t see bassini being successful we want a proper owner/owners and we want him/them to invest in our club I’m not expecting Premier leauge football but when Luton are fighting for promotion and we are at rock bottom then uno there’s a problem with our owners

    How about while ur trying to get bassini blocked from takin over u also do something about these Chinese owners in charge of us bassini got done for misconduct when he was at Watford now the Chinese doing the same to us and they just getting handed 36 million as a reward get them out our club for good like bassini did from Watford they shud b walking away with nothing they have committed the same crimes as bassini its all a vicious circle u say u want the best for birmingham city this is your chance to prove it not prove u only want the payday by makin these statements please look into miss conduct with our Chinese owners I think ull find some unsettling answers and we need the answers too we know nothing

  4. David Evans

    Who’da thought St. Andrews was in Ladywood? But, hang on. Aston is also in Ladywood. Something has gone badly wrong here.

  5. Mitchell

    Really urge every BCFC supporter to fill in the simple survey. It is easy and helps express your feelings. Latest Bassini news typifies why it is so important to grab this chance of making a new start for the club. We as supporters are sponged out with the wholly sorry mess but we continue to be made of strong stuff and that’s the key. BT are doing what they can and the least we can do is complete the survey.

  6. Ronald clive

    A new manager has been appointed, new assistant and new goalkeeper coach. What worries me is who signing these people. Are they the same owners that everyone wants rid of or the new owners playing a silent game. The fans need to know now.We are in limbo, we cannot sign players ,stadium repairs, the list goes on.Iam asking the fans and the birmingham city trust to ask the people who are buying the club to put up the cash or shut up. Kro

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