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9 Jul 2022 | 15 comments

Blues Trust

Blues supporters will need no reminding of the rumour and speculation that is currently swirling around the club regarding the possibility of a change of ownership. The uncertainty has been dragging on for weeks now and it is a cause of real concern for fans, not least because much of what is appearing in the media is comedic drivel.

Given the speculation, the Trust wants to share with members and other supporters a response that we have received from the EFL today (see below). It relates to only one piece of the jigsaw of course, but it is an important piece nonetheless and the response would appear to suggest that change will not be happening any time soon.

Cliff, [Blues Trust Chair]

 Thanks for the email and very conscious that we have not yet responded.

 What we can advise and clarify at this stage is that further to media speculation and social media noise the EFL is not currently in receipt of documentation from any individual regarding acquisition of control at Birmingham City.

 In addition, all Clubs are aware of the requirements under EFL Regulations for prior approval alongside what conditions exist in the instances when an individual is seeking to acquire control.  It should also be noted that control is not necessarily defined as being 30% or more of the shareholding.

 Im afraid that is all we can advise on at this stage and the League will endeavour to keep the Trust updated as appropriate.

 I appreciate you will want to update your network through the appropriate channels.

 Kind regards


 Mark Rowan

Communication Director

Blues Trust has been liaising with the appropriate authorities, and others involved in the proceedings, since the possibility of change was first identified at the end of last season. We will continue to do so and will share more details with you once they are known and confirmed.

Blues Trust


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  1. Peter Bates

    Most Birmingham city fans have no confidence in the efl and after the rantings of mr bassini I would imagine no confidence in him either, in my opinion the supporters of Birmingham city should not accept anything this man says and hope the efl does the right thing and do not let this man anywhere near our club he is a fantasist and should be kept away from any club not just ours for once we hope the efl make the right decisions

  2. Chris

    Well there’s not a lot there that we didn’t already know, but I suppose we should be grateful that they’ve finally responded!

  3. Paul Oakley

    As much as the current owners are maligned by fans, I would rather stick with them than face the prospect of this alternative.

  4. Peter Bates

    Me too let’s hope our owners realize this man is a fantasist

  5. Mitchell

    I am very wary of this Bassini ‘act’ and of it’s agenda. Paul Oakley makes the point of rather sticking to the current owners etc. Perhaps this is what it’s all about. We live in an age of hidden agendas.

  6. John

    It is as we suspected all along i.e. that BSHL have no intention of selling at this point in time. They have been stringing Bassini along, knowing full well that he had virtually no chance of completing what he was stating.

    BSHL have used Bassini, Gardner et al to divert attention away from themselves and the ire of supporters. Gardner is under qualified for the job he has been given, but was employed so his business naivety could be manipulated by BSHL, as we have now seen/are seeing.

    BSHL should not be underestimated just because they ‘appear’ to be clueless on how to run a football club. The running of BCFC is immaterial to the aims of the true investors/owners of BSHL. Maintaining HKSE listing is, although important, not the be all and end all that it has been made out to be.

    There are probably even more murkier shenanigans involved with ‘Mr King’ and his associates (and yes there are associates, it is not just a ‘Mr King’), than there were with Carson Yeung. The only difference is that the current incumbents have much greater intelligence and awareness than Carson Yeung could ever dream to have.

    The only hope for BCFC is if some really wealthy benefactor is prepared to pay well over its worth, in order for them to divest and then invest in some other straight ordinary business, from which BSHL (Mr King et al) can run their nefarious activities.

    Hopefully our next owners will have no far-east connections of any sort.


  7. Paul Davis

    Isnt this Blues all over. We have to start asking ourselves do these people
    really have the clubs best Interests at heart,do they really want to purchase our club or do they have some other motive. Blues fans are being strung along and deserve better. I am starting believe that they have no intentions of buying our club.

  8. Eric Jones

    Thanks for keeping us informed – it is much appreciated????

    • Steve

      I wouldn’t be surprised if the EFL passed Bassini or even gave us a points deduction, after all its only there mistakes that have put us in this situation.
      From the information out there are best bet is to hold on and wait for are currant owners to go very close to burst. There are more then Bassini out there that want our club but the current owners have unrealistic terms.
      So let’s hope that are youth team can keep us up or fight like hell trying ????KRO

  9. Stan Moye

    What an absolute summer of roller coaster emotions, being a Blues fan is far better than visiting any theme park, or should that be worse?
    I’m now beginning to have serious doubts if any take over will happen in the near future, and to be honest l’m getting to the stage where l don’t care. What l do care about is how the team are going to perform and the sort of football we will play.
    I’m enthused by the appointment of John Eustace and his back room team, and the incoming players so far. But who sanctioned the Managerial teams contracts, and who gives the nod on players coming and going?

  10. Bill

    The EFL need to protect supporters of all clubs from being exploited by rogue owners. A public and workable ‘right and proper test’ needs to be created so that any potential investors and supporters know what is expected. The ‘right and proper’ policy seems not to be working at present looking at the experience of not only the Blues but other clubs.

  11. Ed Truman

    Some excellent points being made by all. And thanks to Blues Trust for more good work on our behalf.

    If you haven’t yet heard or seen the Bassini interview from Friday you should. It’s comedy gold. Or rather it would be if it wasn’t so worrying!

  12. Chris Evans

    We need a change of ownership after going backwards these last few years
    However Bassini wouldn’t be my choice. He doesn’t come across as stable dignified or from a history of positive ownership.
    New manager currently is a positive move by existing owners so I would hold on until a better suited owner is found

  13. Sausage n Egg

    we have enough idiots supposedly running the club without the embarassment of Bassini trying to nail himself to the club….Current lot are not IMO serious about selling but will take a mugs money in exchange for very little and will just carry on dragging us down until nothing is left …

  14. james mcgrogan

    Number 1 priority is a change of ownership out of the hands of these chinese triad type people then take it from there irrespective what happens next.Hold on tight everybody its going to be a very bumpy white knuckle ride.

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