Richardson Speaks

19 Jul 2022 | 9 comments

Paul Richardson spoke to talkSPORT Radio this morning about today’s developments at St. Andrew’s. If you haven’t yet heard what he had to say, you can hear the interview in full above…..

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  1. Michael

    I’m all for this takeover i really am but I’m a little worried about this southall guy and his previous dealing at Charlton and with bassini

    • Lich Blues

      At least all of his responses were calm and measured.

      No histrionics, nonsense about winning leagues.

      Honestly and transparency. Let’s face we haven’t had that for years.

      Let’s hope that at last we can stabilise as a club and then progress.

    • Chris

      From what I understand Southall will be CEO, so he will be an employee of the club and like any employee will be sackable if he screws up!!


    If the new owners can get it right then anything is possible. it wasn’t so long ago the we were in the Premier League and we had won a trophy so it only proves that if you are willing to put the effort in and show the fans how serious you are then fans will return. it isn’t just about investment on the pitch but what goes on off the pitch. Richardson knows the potential and how the fans are passionate about the club, he will know that just how good things can be with decent investment. He will also realise the importance of talking to the fans unlike the previous owners. Anyway good luck to them and KRO

  3. Stan Drews

    Firstly, I’ve nothing against John Eustace, but why on earth, was he given a three year contract, with new owners about to be installed. Clearly Mr Richardson is not totally committed to him.

  4. Ijaz

    I actually think Eustace is a very good coach along with the backroom staff. Whoever made that decision actually made a good choice. I do hope this consortium knows what it has agreed to because I wouldn’t trust BSHL who may not sell and just want a partner to provide extra finances and prop up their listing.

  5. Lezz

    Southall is a c**ok and should never be anywhere near a football club.
    If your new owners call him a friend I am sad to say you are in big trouble.
    The first thing he did at Charlton was buy a fleet of top of the range land rovers and give them to his friends at Charltons

  6. Chris

    The good news is that we’ll be getting rid of Vong Pech, the bad news is we’ll still have Wang Yaohui for at least the next couple of years. I hope for Mr Richardson’s and Lopez’s sakes that BSHL do sell the rest of the club to them. Tbh I don’t know why they don’t just do the deal now, I know they want the HKSE listing but they’ve had 6 years to sort something else out.

  7. Tilton Rod

    I’m pleased with developments today but I fully understand the concerns about Southall. I guess we just need to trust that Richardson knows what he’s doing. He tackled the issue head on in the press earlier which I thought was good. But he’ll be aware of our concerns I’m sure, and will know that we’re watching. After all, you don’t want to screw up with one of your first big decisions. Things will soon unravel if you do that. Let’s stay positive and put our faith in him until he gives us reason not too.


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