BCFC: MP’s Survey Results Published

12 Aug 2022 | 6 comments

Blues Trust

 Shabana Mahmood

MP for Birmingham Ladywood

In July Blues Trust reported on a fans survey being conducted by Shabana Mahmood, MP for Birmingham Ladywood. The results of the survey have been published today and are shown below in a news release from Shabana.

Things have moved on since the beginning of July of course, when the shadow of Laurence Bassini loomed large. But concerns remain about the current ownership of the club and the results reflect that.

Our thanks to all Trust members and other Blues supporters who found time to take part in the survey.

Blues Trust

Survey Results

Shabana Mahmood, MP for Birmingham Ladywood has conducted a snap survey of Birmingham City FC fans to finally give fans a voice. BCFC has been driven to the brink due to shocking financial mismanagement by the far-removed ownership – Birmingham Sports Holdings.

With over £120 million of debt and a crumbling stadium which has been left unfixed for two years now, Blues fans have had enough. A survey conducted by Shabana Mahmood MP, the club’s constituency MP, shows that of nearly 1,300 Blues fans, 97% are unhappy with the way the club is being run.

When asked what key issues are concerning them – nearly all respondents referenced delays to stadium repairs and the current lack of accountability for the ownership.

Reason Respondents Percentage
Delays to stadium repairs 1199 93.8%
Levels of debt the club is in 1096 85.7%
Poor performance on the pitch 893 69.9%
Lack of accountability of ownership 1224 95.8%
Potential takeovers of the club 841 65.8%

“Hidden in the dark, these owners need to understand they’re guardians/guests of the club. 147 years of history it isn’t just a pop up throw away company.”

Blues fans are loud and clear on what the Government should be doing to help fix the wealth of issues at the club. The majority of them lay the blame at the feet of the current ownership and the English Football League for failing to step in:

We need a regulator of Professional Football. The Premier League and English Football League (EFL) are membership clubs which are not fit for purpose. Their Fit & Proper Person Test is laughable. BCFC has been systematically ruined by unaccountable overseas owners, with no understanding of the historic role of the Club in our community (since 1875).”

Id also like the government to be more proactive in regaining control of said clubs, like Birmingham City and ensuring there is a sale to a legitimate owner”.

“Sports and football most of all are a part of our nations culture and history. They help bring joy and fun family days out to normal working class people like myself. Ask any Birmingham fan about their first game and its all about family and feeling a part of something bigger than yourself. We cannot allow this to be tainted.”

The Government announced earlier this year that it will legislate for an independent regulator but then admitted that this won’t be until at least 2024.

Commenting on the survey results, Ms Mahmood said: 

“Birmingham City FC has long been described as the beating heart of our community with a heritage that Brummies across the city are proud of.

But, as my constituents have highlighted, for years now Blues fans have been able to do nothing but watch with devastation as their beloved club has been driven to the brink.

I welcome that we have seen off those like Bassini, but now we need to see real progress that the club is turning a corner. We need legislative action and an independent regulator now, not in 2 or 3 years time, when BCFC could have already disappeared.

I will continue pushing the government to move faster so that all clubs are protected from the type of shoddy ownership BCFC has had to endure. We urgently need legislation to stop clubs from going bust and becoming a plaything of the wealthy.”

Shabana Mahmood MP


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  1. chris lord

    splendid work by the Trust and grateful thanks to Shabana Mahmood MP for her support and her work on this. KRO…

  2. Steven Peacock

    Thank You Shabana Mahmood. “It is really refreshing to see the local MP taking such a massive interest”. Thanks also to The Blues Trust. Keep Pushing and I’m sure better ownership isn’t far away ‘Fingers Crossed’ of course. The more support for BCFC the better the chances we turn that corner on The Long Long Road. Thank You and KRO

  3. Clive Robinson

    Successive B,ham councils have consistently failed to support Bcfc as was clearly shown when they denied an open bus parade after the cup win in 2011 which to date the only major trophy won by any midland club this century.
    This bias by them and the local press has resulted in no support for any prospective owners of bcfc thus we get the dregs .
    Small mIndedness has cost the city 2 major footy clubs unlike Manchester Liverpool etc.
    Competition is essential .
    So this is all a bit late but at least a move in the right direction but needs to happen now!!
    The government needs to act as the PL and EFL are useless toothless organizations .
    And the City powers that be don’t care! Fact

  4. Ed Truman

    Even though there are some encouraging signs of progress on the pitch right now, it is very important that we don’t lose sight of the bigger picture that is the woeful ownership of the club. Well done to Shabana Mahmood and Blues Trust for continuing to shine a bright light on the issue. We need the current owners to hand over the reins as quickly as possible.

    Good luck to the Blues in Cardiff today.

  5. Mick

    Cardiff 1 Blues 0 . Whilst stopping myself from whinging , I did notice today that the only time Hogan and Deeney got a mention ,was when they either got booked or substituted . Desperate for new strikers in my opinion . I know they need service but this is becoming a joke !

  6. Mitchell

    Agree wholehearted with Mick. Hogan and Deeney must be the slowest strike pair around. With Woods going and barebones to choose from- plus Roberts injury- there has to be a real dose of input before the window closes. We have to hold on to the hope that come September we will have a more solid club to belong to. Anything else doesn’t bare thinking about.Todays game at Cardiff left Colin and Deeney not leading by example.

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