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7 Sep 2022 | 8 comments

St Andrews

Following several weeks of silence on the takeover front, the club finally issued an update last Friday (see this link). The update confirmed that the owners had accepted an approach from Paul Richardson and Maxi Lopez for both St. Andrew’s Stadium and a shareholding in the club itself (assumed to be 21.64% although the announcement didn’t specify this). There was also an announcement in parallel on the Maxco Capital website, the company controlled by Messrs Richardson and Lopez.

This is a welcome development because, for the first time, it confirms from the club’s side that some sort of activity is happening regarding the ownership of the club. It is slightly unclear why the announcement wasn’t made until September given that the agreement was made in July, but nevertheless it is a positive move.

During the closing days of the transfer window, Maxi Lopez and Paul Richardson had posted on social media frequently from the ground or training ground, so it was clear that they were already involved in some capacity.

The Trust understands that Maxco are currently financing day to day activities at the club so their financial commitment is increasing. And there have been press stories in recent days about them getting a plan together to address the ground issues once the deal is confirmed.

The statement says that the deal is subject to the EFL’s approval process, and the parties are now working with that organisation to secure the consent required. There have also been several recent stories in the press suggesting there will be a three-way meeting shortly between the EFL, representatives of the current owners and Maxco.

Whilst it is imperative that the EFL examine the deal properly, the Trust also hopes that a decision is reached quickly so that the club can progress. To this end, the Trust has been talking to the FSA to seek its support and influence to urge the EFL to reach an informed decision at the very earliest opportunity.

Whilst it is not an ideal situation, with BSHL still owning 75% of the club if the deal is approved, this latest development does indeed look like another significant step in the right direction. Assuming the deal does go through, and soon, Blues Trust looks forward to the potential new owners engaging with the fans quickly and openly about their longer-term plans for success.

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  1. BigBlueKev1875

    Fingers crossed that things proceed smoothly and we the fans can start to build the trust with the new investors going forward. A lot of rumours and false press reporting hasn’t helped in the past so bring it on. KRO.

  2. WayCoolBlue

    We know of Lopez and Richardson. But who is the third-party in this deal. When you look up Maxco it consists of three directors and 5 members. So there must be a third-party involved somewhere.

    • Bill

      It looks like good news is imminent. Let’s hope we can now begin to look forward to better times. We’ve all seen a lot of negativity about Blues from the playing side to financing and it will be great if we don’t have to read these kind articles again.

  3. Mitchell

    This is excellent and needs all Blues followers to believe this takeover will happen. More importantly that the EFL approve wholeheartedly. We must show in our individual way that we desperately need change to happen at our club after a decade of awful uncertainty. How can we do this?- by bombarding this article with record numbers of support. Paul Richardson and Maxi Lopez need reassuring constantly that we fully support what they are trying to push over the line . I act individually as I always do, and do recommend ( and hope) fellow fans react similarly by showing support. We can all play our part.

    • David

      Here here let’s look to the future

    • Mark R

      Yes indeed-I echo Mitchell’s comments here.
      I imagine virtually every Blues fan can’t wait for the new regime to fully take over, and whilst this will take 2 years, I think we can all see that Messers Richardson and Lopez are already pretty ‘hands on’ with Blues.
      Let’s just hope there are no issues to prevent the EFL from approving this takeover, and hopefully this happens without any hiccups next week.
      These chaps are very welcome at Blues. If they’ve had a say in us securing the likes of Chong recently, plus their reported plans for sorting out our stadium (finally!) by the start of next season, then they’ve already had a positive influence.
      The key thing though is that these guys are clearly football people, and in addition Mr Richardson is a lifelong fan of our great club.
      In contrast, I’m pretty sure the current owners aren’t that interested in football, let alone BCFC.
      To Mr Lopez and Mr Richardson: I’m sure you know this already, but Birmingham City Football Club is beloved by a significant proportion of the UK’s Second City. We have a proud history, but have never fully realised our potential, in truth. In my opinion we should be regular participants in the Champions League, let alone be established in the Premier League. However, Blues fans aren’t greedy (or daft!), and whilst that is my long-term dream for Blues, in reality most fans will settle for being competitive in the Championship for a change, at least in the short term.
      If you love the club anywhere near as much as we do, and you ‘do right’ by us fans, we will back you all the way. You are so very welcome.

  4. Mick

    Let’s just get behind Richardson and Lopez, they have given us hope amongst all the crap. All we want is stability after the worst 12 years in recent history . Billionaires would be nice ! but I would settle for a well run club , good luck and thank you to “ Maxco”.

  5. Smithy

    Likewise all of the above. We respect what the R/L pair are trying to achieve. They will get support in a full St.Andrews for sure.

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