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13 Jan 2023 | 5 comments

Blues Trust

We are now 12 months on from the protests of last January and it would be difficult to argue that things have improved with the ownership and administration of our club. The failed involvement of Maxco proved to be a distraction for several months until quite recently, but here we are again. Remote ownership that inspires no confidence whatsoever and management that too often fails to engage with the supporters of the club.

Blues Trust continues to believe passionately that the situation can be improved, even though we’re pretty sure most supporters are very tired and very weary of the circumstances surrounding our club. But we cannot and we must not throw in the towel.

The Trust’s purpose is to be a representative and influential voice for all supporters of Birmingham City across the club. Men, women, and academy teams.

The Trust is a membership organisation run entirely by volunteers. No one takes anything in return for the time that they give to challenge for improvement. With an unresponsive board and owners, it is a struggle. But some headway is being made and with the implementation of the Fan Led Review now firmly on the horizon, the prospect of a more influential role for supporters is finally expected.

But to be truly effective Blues Trust needs more members. Many more, if its voice is to be properly heard and the views of Blues supporters actually begin to count.

If you are completely fed up with the ongoing situation at St. Andrew’s, and want to try and do something about it, join the Trust. It’s not your membership fee that we need, although that is important to support Trust activity and administration. Your fee also makes you a voting shareholder. No, what we need are more voices, more ideas, and more engagement with committed fans to shape what the Trust does in its efforts to force improvement at the club we all love.

You can find out more about the Trust at bluestrust.org. If you would like to talk to an existing member about involvement, please email info@bluestrust.org and we will contact you personally.

Blues Trust


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By making comments:

  • All we ask is that it relates to the Club that we all love. It can inform, question, challenge, criticise even….but it should not be written to threaten and/or cause personal offence.
  • By making comments on the above article, you agree to Blues Trust retaining your email address should we need to make contact with you for admin purposes.   Let us know at admin@bluestrust.org if you do not wish us to do this.  We will not give out your email address to any 3rd party sources.

The Trust reserves the right to moderate any comments made (in consultation with the writer) or to deny publication if comments are considered to be inconsistent with the requirements identified above.


  1. paul harris

    do those on the board and those that run the club know who owns the club?it seems to those on the outside, that no-one knows!

    • Richard Docker, Trust Secretary

      Morning Paul. Thanks for your comment. Please check out a previous article…The Ownership Puzzle…published by Blues Trust on 4 January. Hopefully you will find it helpful.

  2. John P

    I used to be a member but realised that my views and contributions went ignored, to be honest, and no disrespect meant to the person as he writes some good thought provoking stuff, the only person that Blues Trust is interested in is Mitchell Bray.

    I don’t see any point in paying for a membership just to be continually ignored.

    • Richard Docker, Trust Secretary

      Views and comments are never ignored John. But that doesn’t mean everything we receive is published. Material is sometimes moderated or rejected depending upon its content.

      As far as published articles are concerned, we welcome contributions from anyone who has something to say that may be of interest to Trust members and Blues fans. That invitation is clearly spelt out on the web page.

      We are pleased that you continue to take an interest in the Trust, and we would absolutely welcome you back as a member if you so decided. We would also be pleased to receive material from you for possible publication.

  3. Stan moye

    I’m a firm believer of strength in numbers. Personally l’ve been grateful for the support trust, particularly when challenging the club regarding relocation of seats prior to the upper Kop being reopened. However there is definitely room for improvement on increasing the membership, l know in the past a coffee stand has been muted, and maybe a question and answers function would be a good idea. The recent meeting point outside the Kop is a move in the right direction. Why not try handing out flyers with membership forms at turnstiles? It’s a cheap as buying a half time pint. The only criticism l’ve heard is some fans think that some of the board’s main objective is to be on the panel to meet with the club if and when the fan led review takes place.

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