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6 Jan 2023 | 8 comments

St Andrews

Welcome To Blues New Arrival – Kevin Long

Monday saw another disappointing home defeat, this time to Middlesbrough.  The performance was far from encouraging too, and a third successive loss meant it was a miserable festive period for the club and its supporters.  It’s perhaps not surprising that the recent run of form has prompted calls from many supporters for more and immediate investment in the squad. 

To be fair to John Eustace and his players, it has to be acknowledged that 3 games in 6 days is a big ask.  And it can’t be overlooked that injuries are once again beginning to take their toll.

But with the January transfer window now upon us, it is useful to remind ourselves of the current squad depth of the first team.  Our friends at Blues Breakdown have produced the following analysis, which we are using with their kind permission.  It makes interesting reading.

As is to be expected at this point in the season, lots of rumours are already circulating about possible incoming and outgoing transfers, the recall of loan players and so on.  In fact, things have already started to materialise with the acquisition of Kevin Long which was announced on Thursday evening.  As Blues supporters we are all pretty sure though that, unfortunately, there won’t be much cash for the club to splash before the month ends.  We know it is likely to be another window of frugal activity.

But that shouldn’t stop us expressing our opinions about what is required to improve the playing staff, so we wanted to ask you for your views.  What positions do you feel need to be strengthened, who would you like to see coming in and which players should be released? If you have any thoughts please share them with us.  Try and be realistic though. With the best will in the world, Jude is not coming back!

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  1. Peter Bates

    Don’t think we need many more midfield players but we could do with a decent playmaker in midfield,we do need younger forwards but where they get them from is another matter especially one who gets goals kro

  2. Mark R

    Being realistic, as long as we don’t lose Bielik we are reasonably well resourced in midfield.
    With the addition of Long, and hopefully the imminent return of Harley Dean, we should just about have enough defensively.
    Where we really need help is up top, i.e. a proven goalscorer, as at the moment we are seriously goal-shy, particularly with Hogan out of the side. Unfortunately ‘proven’ players of this calibre cost serious money, which we don’t have, so we will need to gamble on someone from lower down the pyramid, ie someone young and quick who has notched a fair few goals in League One or Two so far this season.
    Any suggestions? (Blues, like most other clubs, will be watching these types anyway)

  3. Tracey Tyler

    The Holy Grail,a Top Class Striker yes but want we want above all is midfielders who can contribute goals.We have scored a pathetic 2 goals from midfield so far this season and that is not good enough.l am convinced Hall can supply a few when fit and selected but we definitely need more then we can put up with strikers only scoring 15 or so.

  4. Ed Truman

    Another interesting article Blues Trust.

    Blimey! We haven’t got many defenders for the long term have we?

    I’ll throw a couple of names into the pot. Dan Barlaser from Rotherham. Creative midfielder approaching 26 and in the last year of his contract. And Johnson Clarke-Harris from Peterborough. Late 20’s and a proven goal scorer, including at our level. Bit of a character by all accounts, but wasted where he currently is.

  5. Mitchell

    Has anyone actually seen Cosgrove play for Plymouth? He is scoring goals.

  6. jon fletch

    all the talent that emerges from the academy … but never strikers???? why??plus how come we never hear from gardner anymore?

    • harryk

      I think this is a good point. Why are Blues unable to find and develop young strikers? There are thousands of kids desperate to play professionally and we are told we have a great youth setup so why are the club not bringing on striking talent? Are there really no youngsters, perhaps already on the books, that we can work with? If there isn’t what are we doing about it?

  7. Peter Bates

    Let’s be honest we don’t hear from the club about anything other than street food that’s on offer matchdays,but what are the likes of the Birmingham mail doing the local paper up at Everton have a full front page about the silence of the owners what do the mail do for Birmingham city absolutely nothing, but back to players we can talk about as many players we like won’t make a difference if it costs bshl money we won’t get any player at all kro

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