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10 Jan 2023 | 6 comments

Blues Trust

Blues Trust was very pleased to see the club change its mind yesterday and eventually agree free travel for those supporters who travelled on official coaches to Forest Green Rovers on Saturday.  The Trust had made swift representations to the club once the original decision not to do so was announced during the morning.

The club clearly listened to the torrent of criticism that the original decision provoked.  Furthermore, an apology “for the misunderstanding” was given by Ian Dutton, Managing Director. Although quite what the “misunderstanding” was is not made clear.

But the question has to be asked why on earth the club got itself into such a completely avoidable mess in the first place? Who signed off the original decision?

Of course there is a cost implication for the club in providing free travel, but wholly committed supporters had made sacrifices themselves to get to the original fixture in Gloucestershire on Saturday lunchtime.  Many of them the same people who provide the club with one of the best away followings in the division, and who routinely travel the length and breadth of the country to support the team.  So, having used the official coach service, to be told they would have to pay again for the privilege of attending the rearranged fixture was thoughtless in the extreme.

The situation is embarrassing and has rightly attracted discontent. It has also left a sour taste for many loyal supporters, even though the original decision has been reversed. And the “own goal” has denied what could have been, instead, a great opportunity for the club to acknowledge a small number of its supporters to start with.  The welcome PR generated by that decision could have been very timely for a club that has an unfortunate habit of disappointing its own fan base.

In the Trust’s view the ownership of the club is quite rightly criticised because of the way it treats the club.  But the operational team that created this situation in the first place also needs to be strongly challenged.

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  1. Peter Bates

    Doesn’t surprise me once again the supporters were treated with contempt ,Funny how Ian Dutton tried to gloss over it by saying it was a misunderstanding it’s embarrassing what a way to run the club new caring owners please

  2. Keith Purdom

    Such an obvious win goal. Maybe offer a free coach to another away fixture as an apology.

    • Ed Truman

      Completely agree Peter. What a shambles the club is. Did no one stop and think about the big picture here? Just for a second?

      The point made by the Trust about calling out the management team is valid. Surely this wasn’t a decision made in the Far East? If it was we really are in trouble.

      A real opportunity missed, and an embarrassing mess created, by those running the club on a day to day basis it seems.

  3. pamela

    Just what we come to expect from this flawed club. Always re active not pro active to situations.

    • Graham parrish

      Seems the club was in a lose lose situation.
      They trying so hard to get us self sufficient as a club.
      So we can move forward after 10 years of financial chaos .
      Yes it may have been a wrong choice but they listened and changed the decision.
      Shame everyone is so quick to criticise though !
      Nearly half way through the 3 year plan to stabilise us against all the odds but we are going to plan.
      End of season/ next season we will see improvements all around and all decisions from club management will become easier and less stress and clearer minds make better decisions !
      About time IMO that Ian and Craig had the credit they deserve .small miracles are happening behind the scenes literally every day.
      I for one Thank them !

  4. Peter Bates

    Hope your optimism pays dividends graham ,but I recall a certain Carson yeung saying there was 80 million to spend on players,Mr Pannu said investment in the club would see us being one of the top clubs in Europe,I hope your right graham but I think I’ve heard it before comes to mind kro

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