FSA: Sports Minister “Radical” Reform Is Coming

27 Feb 2023 | 3 comments

This week the long-awaited white paper on football governance reform, to include the creation of an independent football regulator, was finally published by the government.

Sports minister Stuart Andrew presented to Parliament what he called “the most radical overhaul of football governance since the rules were first invented back in 1863.” The proposals cover key issues around ownership, breakaway competitions, grassroots funding and supporter engagement.

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  1. Peter Bates

    As I posted last week this really feels like after the horse has bolted,what will it do for our club when we have owners who won’t sell the club ,the efl can’t wait to discipline our club and let’s be honest on the pitch is not very good is it six points from thirty three played for the supporters are totally drained and there is no end in sight the owners,the efl have bought our club to it’s knees on Saturday it was deadly silence at the ground no keep right on,s but I understand that we have created nothing again apart from one header which hit the bar and all we hear is about how close the players are,we as supporters deserve more and as I say managers,players come and go but genuine supporters are for life.kro

  2. Peter Bates

    Oh and it was the efl who passed the owners as fit and proper to run and govern our club .

  3. Tracey Tyler

    Yes agree Peter,l was there on Saturday and the silence in the stands was depressing but there was nothing to make them get behind the players.What worries me is that if we stay up and the odds are probably shortening every week then what happens ???? Is this new bid for 24 % or whatever it is of the Club still active??? I suppose whoever is behind it has to pass the EFL Directors tests,but will the EFL let this process continue while there are currently charges against us.??? If the whole scenario drags on until the end of the season and it probably will with the EFL in charge what on earth do we do as a Club.Loan players back,players out of contract,there won’t be any players left.What a unholy mess we are in and although l get new rules and regulations as Peter says it as come to late for us im afraid.

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