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6 May 2023 | 8 comments

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With Sheffield United being our final Championship game of the season, all Blues supporters will surely be hoping that next season will be different.  Better times ahead is what we want, with stability and a proper pathway for progress.  Both in ownership terms and on field success.

Nothing exciting about any of the above of course.  But that’s just about where we currently sit, with new ownership being the touch paper to get everyone on board and believing.  What strikes me this time around with regard to a change of fortune is the urgent need to keep optimism alive.  Seventeenth spot in the annual reckoning is pretty dour in any league.  But to become accustomed to this is absolutely soul destroying when supporting Blues is far more than just a hobby.

Sheffield United arrive at St. Andrew’s on Monday afternoon, already promoted so well done them.  Like champions Burnley, United have enjoyed the benefit of a parachute payment following their relegation from the top flight two seasons ago in 2021.  But the four teams currently occupying the play off places…Luton Town, Middlesbrough, Coventry City and Millwall…have not.  Their success reflects what can be achieved under tight financial conditions.  Perhaps next season, under new ownership, our club could perform in a similar way.

Better times ahead may sound trite, but in reality the new 2023/24 season must deliver on many levels.  It simply has to. In the meantime the summer months are there to be enjoyed by all with, I very much hope, a fair dollop of sunshine hovering over St. Andrew.  A change of fortune is desperately wanted and, in my view, there is real belief that it just might happen.  And soon.

Enjoy the close season.

Mitchell Bray


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  1. Peter Bates

    Only want to see the club have the chance to be more secure,no threat of point deductions ,no playing in a half empty stadium secure in the knowledge that we are a club with a decent future and owners who are interested in the supporters and want to be a big part of the club ,if this happens and there is optimism that the annual struggle on the pitch can be avoided it could be a very good journey to come I sincerely hope so have a good summer blue noses kro .

  2. Paul Curran


  3. Smithy

    Just want to have a proper football club which values supporters and decent in all aspects of wanting to make progress year on year. We have fallen badly but there was always the day when hope of new owners would come. Let’s pray we have reached this day and better times will become reality.

  4. Tracey Tyler

    Agree with above and l am quite optimistic about the future.I think we will have a difficult time in the short term adjusting to Squad changes and the Take Over but hopefully things will improve very quickly.Just hope we can keep Hall,James,Chang,Gordon,Bellingham,Williams for another season at least, climb the League and give these younger players the chance to play in the Premier.

  5. Paul Davis

    All I want is for the club to involve the supporters, just be honest and upfront with them. To many times the owners have gone into hiding and fans have been in the back of there minds. We deserve better and we want better. We were here long before the current regime took over and will be here long after so demand more.
    The fans have given there all for the club in terms of supporting home or away and nobody can deny that. This is despite being served up drivel over the the last ten years so yes we deserve better and we deserve better. I have been a Bluenose for over 40 years and no matter what I wouldn’t want it any other way.
    So please don’t keep me and the supporters in the dark, please be honest and this will go along way to securing a great relationship with fans. Regular forums and updates with fans can help build a healthy relationship and push our great club forward. When you think about this itreally isn’t a lot to ask for.

    • Mitchell

      Paul. My big belief here that a proper takeover is about to happen is the support of Birmingham Council. Although not outwardly shouting about it, their long awaited support is evident. No criticism here as our ownership hasn’t exactly gone down well during the last decade.

  6. Ed Truman

    Some excellent comments as usual. Sentiments expressed pretty much reflect my own. I just hope for a well run club where the ownership issue stays very much in the background and we can focus on team matters. With some clear evidence of stable progression thrown in.

    Thanks for your contributions during the season Mitchell. Always good and enjoyable articles which get us thinking. Enjoy the summer everyone.

  7. Mark R

    Great news coming out of the club this morning, albeit subject to EFL approval, but hoping this could finally be the start of the awakening of the sleeping giant that is Birmingham City FC!!
    Note I say ‘awakening’ as opposed to ‘reawakening’ as I believe the club has never reached its full potential.
    Looking forward to the game today and great times ahead!
    Have a wonderful Summer all, and KRO ????

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