BCFC: A Special Day

13 Jul 2023 | 24 comments

St Andrews

The much anticipated Extraordinary General Meeting of Birmingham Sports Holdings Limited was held in Hong Kong a few hours ago. A few moments ago it was confirmed to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that, as expected, the meeting had ratified a series of agreements enabling Shelby Companies Limited to become significant investors in Birmingham City Football Club. See this link. This marks a new era for the club, with Shelby expected to assert significant operational control from now on.

The agreements also address a number of the serious issues that have caused Blues fans concern of late. Not least, financial restructuring with the writing off of significant debt. And bringing ownership of the ground and a significant part of the club back together. Overall, these changes will put the club on a much sounder footing.

Although the agreements contain no details as to how Shelby will assert their influence, or how the company plans to acquire the remaining shares from BSHL shareholders and , the Trust has confidence that Shelby has anticipated these matters and will have clear strategies in place to address them.

It is expected that Shelby will announce its plans for the club shortly, but already there are encouraging signs. Anyone reading the detailed documents that BSHL circulated to their shareholders ahead of the EGM could not fail to be impressed with how well the agreements protect the buyers, reflecting the professionalism of the new investors. The press have also reported that Birmingham born Garry Cook, who led Manchester City at the start of its transformation, will be taking an executive role at the club. Again, if correct, this underlines the seriousness and ambition of the new investors.

Blues has often been described as a sleeping giant. But over the last decade or so the club has languished due to poor investment and neglect. However it retains genuine potential, carrying the name of England’s second city with one of the youngest populations in Europe. Hopefully, the new investors have the ambition to start realising this potential. Given the state the club is in, significant change will be needed both on and off the field to achieve this.

Blues Trust believes, as it has for a long time, that the future of the club is best served by having a proper long-term plan in place which seeks to develop the team and infrastructure in a way the owners can sustain and which is visible to the fans. The new investors would seem to share this view and exciting times are hopefully ahead.

Blues Trust, alongside most other supporters of the club, has been pushing for changes to the ownership for several years now and it is gratifying for all of us to at last see some significant change. Of course, that does not mean that the job is done and the Trust will continue to try and influence the new investors. In particular the Trust will be pushing for the club to adopt many of the recommendations included in the recent Fan Led Review. And specifically so around fan engagement and the introduction of a Fan Advisory Board so the club can more clearly understand the fans’ perspective. The current regime has dragged its feet on this issue for far too long. But initial conversations with Shelby have been very encouraging and the Trust hopes that this will proceed apace now.

Blues supporters of whatever generation will all have experienced special days associated with the club. Watching Trevor Francis in his pomp. The majesty of Christophe Dugarry. An unforgettable night in Bruges in October 2011. The triumph at Wembley earlier that same year. Darren Carter and that penalty. We can go on and on. And further back in time even. For today’s generation of Bluenoses, and those still to come, it’s possible…just possible…that the events of today will, in time, be seen in the same light. Let us all hope so.

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  1. Michael Titmus

    Thank you , thank you, thank you Tom Wagner , i am 69 years old seen the good and the not so good , i have just watched the interview and i am sitting here with tears in my eyes ! You are going to be amazed with the response . KRO

  2. Bill

    Great news. The club now has a future and let’s hope the new owners can fulfil the obvious potential the club has.

    • Chas

      An historic day for our football club , it’s time to move forward with the 21st century. I’m supporter since 1956 like my father and his father before him. bums on seats are needed at St Andrews. it’s time for all to get behind our new family.

  3. Peter Bates

    At last good news for our club it has been a long time coming,but can I say thanks to all our fans and supporters for the patience we have all shown for over a decade and all the hard times we have gone through,we have all been treated very poorly over this time and it felt like we would keep plodding along with no vision or prospects thank you everyone from Knighthead and Shelby companies for at last lighting up a very dark tunnel kro

  4. Dougie

    Fantastic news for all the Blues family, interesting times ahead????

  5. Robert Laight

    As an 80 year old blues supporter from the age of 9, I have never looked forward to a day as I have this day today. The professionalism shown by Mr Wagner and co, during the past few months, has shown to me that all aspects of our club, the team, the stadium, the staff and the fans will prosper under the new regime. KRO better days are hear, enjoy!

  6. Paul Assinder

    What a wonderful day. It feels like a weight has been lifted off our collective shoulders and I cant remember when I’ve approached a season with such hope and optimism for the future.

    Just a note of grateful thanks from us Bluenoses for the work of The Trust, over many years and in association with others like Dan Ivery, in pushing hard for change.

  7. Tracey Tyler

    Brilliant,fantastic day after so many desperate days.We do now however have to show patience as we are not going to become Man.City overnight !!! but slowly and surely we will get a club to be proud of again.

  8. JP

    I haven’t had a great relationship with the Trust but I still follow it, albeit from a distance. However, I do know, understand, and respect the amount of work that has gone on that isn’t always at the fore and therefore sometimes goes unnoticed.

    I’m well aware that along with others the Trust has been a driving force in pushing forward the wishes of the ‘faithful’, the ‘Blue Noses’, the ‘genuine supporters’, and thereby helping to force the old regime to listen, I won’t say understand because I don’t think they ever understood the Blues philosophy, and certainly not the passion; but either directly or indirectly forced them to act.

    We’re not there yet, it will take time to turn round over ten years of neglect, but today the climb gradient just got easier, not easy, just easier. Why? Because we believe. We Believe in Wagner, we believe in Shelby, we believe in Birmingham City, and more importantly now, we believe that our beloved club once again has a future.

    I thank the Trust, the true supporters, and others who have helped today become one that a year ago many of us thought we may never see.

    Keep Right On and I hope to see you all at St Andrews this coming season.

  9. Mitchell

    Momentous day this certainly is, with more to come in terms of future success. Blues Trust and it’s Board have kept at it for over a decade now without much credit in return. They have never sought the praise or pats on back from anyone, but respect where it’s due and given the warmth that Tom and co. are now showing BT, I for one salute their efforts. Tom Wagner has a loyal friend now and recognises it. Equally and importantly so is that the Trust also has a new friend. Long may it continue.

  10. Paul Bradley

    I am just so relieved and delighted to read this article. Please God let the sun finally shine on Blues.

    Thanks for all your hard work through the darks [days].To brighter times.

    KRO. Paul Bradley

    • K Cornfield

      I have supported Blues for 60 years and through all that this is now our greatest day. Thank you Mr Wagner and all who helped put this plan together

  11. Tom Hatton

    Thanks for all your work to all at the Trust. We finally have our club back. Enjoy.

  12. Tony Davies

    Thank you. Many happy days at St Andrews. First visit in 1949 with my dad and my brother who was 2 years older than me [through] emiline street entrance.
    Always remember the intercitys games……..we were so unlucky not to win that.
    Remember Eddie Brown coming over before the games to give us kids sweets….. how things have changed.
    I was there when there were 60.000 down there, remember the houses at the Tilton where they would hang out the window to watch the game.
    When the game was on, the trains used to come past and let so much smoke out.
    Keep right on.

  13. Ivor Roth

    We deserve a bit of luck after waiting for so long. We realise that things take time but we are willing to go along with the ride as we can see a positive outcome. Optimism instead of pessimism.

  14. Mark R

    I couldn’t agree more with all the comments penned so far, and well done to Blues Trust for your part in pushing for a change of ownership for some time now.
    Anyone who watched Tom Warner’s interview today surely can’t fail to be impressed by his logical short, medium and long term goals for the club, and his overall credibility. After listening to his interview I don’t doubt for one minute that he will ultimately succeed in achieving his vision for Blues!
    However what almost brought a tear to my eyes was how he seems to really believe in the potential of our club, our fan base and our community.
    I’ve mentioned several times in the past on this site how I truly believe Blues have never, in all their 148 years, realised their FULL potential and that to be able to buy a comatose monster of a football club that bears the name of England’s second city for a mere circa £37m, has to be attractive to someone.
    Indeed, thankfully it has been, and I suspect that the ultimate vision Mr Wagner and Co have for Blues could even extend beyond my wildest dreams!
    Anyway, before I get too carried away(!), we all have a part to play here.
    It goes without saying we need to turn up in our droves and make sure St Andrews is a snarling, snorting, partisan and hostile environment for the opposition.
    Let’s back these saviours to the hilt, along with John Eustace and the boys on the pitch.
    Come on you Blue Boys (and Girls!!)

  15. Eric Jones

    I am 76 years old and I too have tears in my eyes in the hope that Blues will be the club we all want. I grew up in Coleshill and now live in Canada and remember the massive crowds we used to have. I was a Tilten kid. I would like to find a resume of the Board members does that exist? Thanks to the Blues Trust this club needs you.

    • Cliff

      Blues Trust should have one out in the next few days

  16. Paul Davies

    All we have ever wanted is owners who communicate with the fans and honesty. Not to keep us in the dark and football people. The fans deserve better and i truly believe we now have that with Tom Wagner and his company. I watched the interview and loved how he keeps mentioning the fans,the fans and must mention it several times through out the interview. Admittedly it is a big job in front of him and we appreciate it is going to take time but they have already taken steps and this only proves that these guys are genuine and not all talk. I want to thank everyone connected with Tom who have made this happen on the beginning of a new journey for all of us. Welcome to the family that is Birmingham City Football Club. Yes we are a sleeping giant and is finally about to be awoken at last.

  17. Paul Davies

    Can i also thank the Blues Trust for the hard work not only with keeping fans updated but also in the push for new owners. You have my 100% support.

  18. Stan Moye

    Absolutely brilliant news. Not only does Mr Wagner and his associates know what is required to transform under performing companies, importantly they also recognise in our case the importance of the fan base contribution. Not only have you given us renewed hope and enthusiasm, you’ve
    re-energised the Blue half of the City. Well done to the current management team who kept us engaged through some fairly grim periods. Also to Mitchell Bray, l’ve thoroughly enjoyed your comments and articles. Start the bus lads, we’re on our way KRO

    • Mitchell Bray

      Appreciate your kind comment Stan. We have all just wanted our football club back. It’s taken time.

    • David Taylor

      Hope will be able to get a hot dog with or without onions at no extra charge from a 80 year young supporter keep right on to the end of the road –David Taylor

  19. Phil

    Hi Many thanks for continued update regarding the club …hopefully we are in good hands now with Tom Wagner and Garry Cook at the helm …it seems the plan is to improve BCFC as a club as far as possible…but to involve the community and the City of Birmingham too …one of the most popular free spirited members of the Royal family is Prince Louis .. unfortunately his father is a AVFC fan ??? ..we have always fought many many issues in our history…but have won and survived…possibly that young man may have to in his life but as long as he keeps on to the end of his life he will be ok …he seems to be a perfect fit for us therefore I request Tom Wagner/ owners offer him a free season ticket for St Andrews…hopefully he takes it up …be great publicity for us against the noisy neighbours

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