Trevor Francis 1954 – 2023

24 Jul 2023 | 35 comments

St Andrews

All at Blues Trust were shocked and upset to learn of the death of Trevor Francis earlier today. Arguably the greatest player the club has ever known, Trevor had been associated with Blues since bursting onto the scene as a 16 year old in 1970.

He represented Blues on 330 occasions, scoring 133 goals. He became an England international whilst at St. Andrew’s, was the first £1 million footballer when he transferred to Nottingham Forest in 1979, went on to enjoy a very successful playing career elsewhere, both at home and abroad and, of course, returned to manage the club in May 1996.

Since his death was announced just a few short hours ago, some wonderful tributes have already been written. He was a footballer of world renown.

But it is difficult to find words at a time like this. And the statistics associated with Trevor’s career only tell part of the story. He was, quite simply, a legend. A footballing genius who so many Blues fans were blessed to see in his prime and at our club.

He was one of our own and, as he made clear so often, his affection for the club never diminished.

Our thoughts and deepest condolences are with his family and friends. And with Blues supporters all over the world who, like us at the Trust, can’t quite believe today’s news.

Thanks for the truly unforgettable memories Trevor. Your legacy will stay with the club for always.

Rest in peace.

Blues Trust

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  1. Peter Bates

    Rest in peace trev fantastic player ,a good man, goal against QPR when he turned frank McClintock inside out and back again my favourite memory from Trevor Francis kro trev

  2. Richard Cooke

    Rest in eternal peace, my all-time footballing hero. Thank you for the memories. It was an honour watching you. KRO

    • Jean Payne

      ????RIP Trevor ????

      Thank you for all the memories you gave to us Blues fans.
      You will always be remembered as Mr Birmingham City.
      You loved the Blues, and us fans adored you.
      You kept right on to the end of the road.
      Rest in peace now with Helen. ????

      • Chris Walker

        R.I.P Trev
        A true legend in every way, Always made time to speak when they stopped off at the services coming back from away matches.
        Thanks for the wonderful memories.

  3. Stan Drews

    I think it would be nice if the Trust could organise a fan collection to go towards a statue, it would then be the fans statue which I feel would be appropriate.

    • Tony Rabaiotti

      The only good thing about being 60 plus is that we saw Trevor in his prime. A wonderful player,an excellent manager and a lovely guy. RIP Trevor

      • Lichfield Blues

        Never had the privilege of seeing Trevor play as I’m too young.

        He was my Dad’s favourite player.

        I thought he was a manager down at Blues.

        I think it was evident how much he loved Blues when shedding tears with AJ in the cup final.

        RIP Trevor.

    • KC

      Undoubtabky the best in my 66 years of watching and supporting the Blues and one of the very few genuine foootball legends. RIP Trevor.

  4. Bill

    I well remember him scoring all four goals against Bolton when
    he was either sixteen or seventeen. His goal of the season against QPR as Peter said was really memorable and the winning goal away to Wolves was right out of the top drawer . There were many more and he was so exciting to see play.,What a player and a true Blue.
    Rest in peace Trev

    • Tony Rabaiotti

      Superb,Bill. Great days!

  5. Dean Giblin

    a bit more than words are needed from the trust. How about asking the club to rename the Kop or Tilton, or even a statue in the main car park

  6. Des

    My hero as a 12 year old in 1971. Fabulous memories as a player and some heart wrenching times as a manager. Rest in Peace Trevor !

  7. Lord Ian Thomas Starks

    Such a wonderful boy and man. Rip sir Trevor a legend in the true sense kro

  8. Stephen hood

    The King of St Andrews – rest in eternal peace KRO ???????????????????? True club legend

  9. Malcolm X

    A very sad day for us all. My hero as a young man growing up and felt very privileged to have seen the majority of his games playing for his beloved Blues,and was the best player to have ever played for them. RIP Super Trevor Francis ????????

  10. Ralph P Chadwick

    1970 Stood in awe on the Kop witnessing the arrival of the ‘Messiah’ Loved the boy, Respected the man! R I P Trev, Bless you for the memories.

  11. Ed Truman

    Heartbroken with today’s news. He was the best player I have ever seen in royal blue. And by a country mile. I feel so lucky to have watched him so many times. A lovely guy too.

    But here’s the thing. I’m sure TF did score plenty of tap-in’s during his time at the Blues. But all I can remember are the worldies! And so many of them! God bless Trevor. You will never be forgotten. ????????

  12. Brush Strokes In Blue

    I remember so well the days of TF . He was a genius you know what I mean. Tried to get him to come to my local Longbridge Social Club years and years ago to spend an evening with us Blues muckers. RIP King Trev.

  13. Den Pollard

    Being the same age as Trev shocked doesn’t describe the sorrow I feel for his family and friends at this time of great loss????
    All the pleasure he gave me and my friends as supporters,home and away will never be equaled, in my lifetime.
    God bless you Trevor RIP KRO Mr Blue ????????

  14. Mitchell Bray

    So sad that this was the day Trevor left us. Wonderful memories for literally tens of thousands of footballing fans. ‘ Do not go gently into the night’ was a quote by Dylan Thomas. Trevor epitomizes this as although no longer with us- he has certainly not gone without leaving his great mark.

    • Stewart

      Was born as the same year as Trevor remember his debut at Oxford I feel privileged and honoured to have watched him play for Blues in the early 70s I think today has been a incredibly sad day for football he was an amazing player and a really humble guy he is and always will be our “Mr Blue Sky “..RIP a true blue and a legend at BCFC….KRO????????????

  15. Rita Taylor

    Rest in Peace Trevor. You rekindled my love of football when it was waning. Thank you for all the great memories and the wonderful goals!

  16. David Bell

    Trevor Francis was the same age as me, and I watched him in awe from his very first games, even youth team games, particularly when we played our neighbours and Brian Little at what must have been a record crowd for a youth team match.
    Trevor was a Blue the whole of his life, I hope we pay a fitting tribute to him on “ The glorious Twelth” against Leeds, our first home match of the new era

  17. Kev B

    A True Legend. Gone but never forgotten. x

  18. Jon Fletcher

    Please try to organise a statue and get the Kip named after him he was a god to thouyof us in the 70,s …. Please mr wagnor

  19. Les Littleford

    Saddened to hear the news way down here in Australia. I still remember those 4 goals against Bolton. He was lightning quick. Always a gentle player although we shuddered to watch him being hacked to death in the days when you could still tackle from behind. With today’s protection he might have been an even greater player. RIP

    • Mitchell

      Les- you are so right. TF suffered the brutal many times including the horrific ACL and tendon ruptures. He always came back stronger and even more dangerous.

  20. Harry Parker

    I was 20 years old when I witnessed Trevor bang 4 goals past Bolton. I’m 73 now and it feels like I’ve lost a close relative. I’m just one of thousands of Bluenoses who will always love the bloke and I genuinely feel very sad today but happy I saw him play. God bless you Trev. Keep Right On.

  21. Harry Parker

    The phrase ‘We stand on the shoulders of Giants’ was never more appropriate. Trevor will always be our greatest. I was 20 yrs old when I saw him put 4 past Bolton, I’m 73 now and it feels like I lost a brother. Keep Right On Trev.

  22. Dave Smith

    My father first took me to see Blues in 1968 and I remember many great games. However, when I was 11 years old and I witnessed a 16 year old kid smash 4 goals past Bolton Wanderers. Wow, it was truly awesome and from that moment forward, both home and away throughout the seventies, we witnessed one of English football’s true genius’s. He was fast, had great skill on the ball, could dribble past any opponent, he could shoot and score from distance. It would be mind blowing to think of his value in the football world of today. My heart sank when I heard the news. Thank you Trevor for everything you did for Blues, a true legend and a great man too. RIP TF you will NEVER be forgotten.

  23. Dave Smith

    Francis, Francis, born is the King of Birmingham! Those of you who are old enough will recognise that song. Rest in peace Trevor, a true Blues legend.

  24. Sheila

    I remember as a youngster standing at the front of the kop, down by the corner, cowering as I couldn’t believe he could run so fast and still manage to stop, so I expected him to come crashing over my head into the crowd. But he could go from full speed to stop or turn in an instant, leaving defenders sprawling. He was so exciting to watch. Such a gifted player. Thanks Trevor.

  25. james mcgrogan

    “Goo on Trev”Heard those words so often.Brilliant footballer never once did he disapoint.Stayed with us when he could of gone anywhere years before he did.Shocked when I first heard then memorys came flooding back as I was transported to the early 70`s.He is always with me and so will never die.Perhaps a statue and renaming of a stand is the minimum we owe to this special blue nose.Always remembered RIP Mr Trevor John Francis.

  26. David Morrish

    So many memories of TF as the finest player I ever saw in a Blues shirt; probably the best ever. One of my favourites is going with my Dad to watch him play for the reserves after a few months lay off. There were over six thousand fans there just to see his return. When he was substituted after 60 minutes about five thousand went home!
    He was just brilliant and will never be forgotten. But just in case if anyone was worthy of a statue at St Andrews then it has to be Trevor Francis. KRO

  27. Mark R

    It’s clear to me our biggest and best stand, The Spion Kop, needs to be renamed The Trevor Francis Kop.
    He loved Blues nearly as much as us lot, and so it was a real shame he didn’t quite manage to win something as either a player or a manager at Blues, because he fully deserved to.
    That said, he’s won every Bluenose’s affections for ever, leaving us with countless memories of great goals and great skills, not to mention fond memories of a free-scoring and competitive Blues side under his management from 1996-2001
    Thanks for all these memories, and RIP.


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