Midweek Pinboard 31 Aug 2023

31 Aug 2023 | 6 comments


Well? What do you think of events at the Blues this past week? And what are your expectations for the upcoming fixtures? Whether it is about results, performances or developments off the pitch, here is an opportunity to share your views on the week that has just been for BCFC and also to look ahead to the weekend.

Blues Trust will be posting the Pinboard every Thursday morning so that Blues fans can express opinions, good and bad, about progress as the season unfolds. And your thoughts for the fixtures coming up.

We hope you’ll participate, and maybe sometimes even start a conversation, by letting us and other Blues fans know what you think……

Please use the ‘Comments’ section below.

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  1. Peter Lewis

    Any idea what is happening about the Defender we supposedly are signing and was to have a medical on Tuesday?

  2. Richard KRO

    Is there any news on the refurbishment work to rhe Lower Tilton road and Kop ? …. the last i heard we were holding emergency meetings with contractors but nothing since …will it be delayed or will they honour the contract ?

  3. Trev J

    Was at the game on Tuesday & been going for over 60years and I’ve never seen a referee as bad as the one we witnessed on the night and all though they have a job to do but the abuse he got was well deserved also I think the sooner we get rid of Sam cosgrove the better

  4. Mitchell Bray

    My real issue at the moment is the amount of hamstring injuries that strike our players-either New arrivals, current ones or returns from injuries. Other clubs I am sure have similar problems but we at Blues always get these hamstrings in bucket loads. Remember David Dunn and his on going hamstring. They take ages to repair. Couple of weeks ago I suggested we might like to have a bit of insight from someone like Sean Rush who apparently puts all our players through physical workouts during the week. Perhaps if Sean reads the Pinboard he might like to comment.

  5. Mark R

    Like you Mitchell I am concerned about the amount of muscle injuries, particularly hamstring, that our players seem to get. Just read George Hall tweaked his hamstring on Tuesday night, which is why he was subbed at half time.
    Is it rank bad luck, or is there something that can be done to reduce the likelihood of these things happening?
    Be great to hear from Sean Rush, who seems to do a great job getting the players in shape, but I also wonder if that’s where Tom Brady may step in and help, either directly or through sports conditioning experts he knows in the States?
    Anyway, if we can get a point or three v Millwall, which won’t be easy with the likes of Laird and Dembele out, then I will be chuffed!
    Hopefully we can get a few key players fit during the international break, which comes along at a good time for us!!
    Good shout from Richard regarding the Kop and Tilton refurbishment-it would be good to get a formal update from the club on their latest plans for this, if at all possible?


  6. Lich Blues

    I must say playing Millwall doesn’t fill me with joy. I find them and their fans so tedious.

    Anyway, if we can remain undefeated until we return from the international break that would be a great start to the season.

    Like others I am concerned about how long the stand repairs are now going to take.

    It is such a shame that the positive feeling from everyone cannot be enhanced even further with a fully functioning ground.

    A nice solid statement from Gary Cook to let us know of contingencies to put things right would be most welcome.

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