Midweek Pinboard 7 Sept 2023

7 Sep 2023 | 6 comments


Well? What do you think of events at the Blues this past week? And what are your expectations for the upcoming fixtures? Whether it is about results, performances or developments off the pitch, here is an opportunity to share your views on the week that has just been for BCFC and also to look ahead to the weekend.

Blues Trust will be posting the Pinboard every Thursday morning so that Blues fans can express opinions, good and bad, about progress as the season unfolds. And your thoughts for the fixtures coming up.

We hope you’ll participate, and maybe sometimes even start a conversation, by letting us and other Blues fans know what you think……

Please use the ‘Comments’ section below.

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  1. David

    I’ve never known Blues fans with nothing to say. It’s shutting them up that’s the problem!

  2. Ed Truman

    Good point David ????. How easily pleased are we? Mind you, what’s all this nonsense about Wayne Rooney being lined up to replace JE? Bonkers!!

  3. Mitchell

    I am not ģoing to let this fake drama play out regarding John Eustace. We are now a respected football club thanks to our new guardians. They deserve better and we deserve better. Nonsense finito.

  4. Mark R

    It looks like the local press are scraping the barrel for Blues stories too, hence the nonsense about Rooney replacing Eustace if JE goes to Rangers. Not sure why JE would want to scrap a project that could make him a legend, but if he were to leave, appointing Rooney would be a strange move to put it politely.
    That said it would nice to hear from Tom Wagner soon about the revised stadium plans, as I’m starting to worry whether the stadium will be back to full capacity at all this season after all.

    • Mitchell

      Mark. If JE did leave which is very unlikely then the likes of Rooney wouldn’t be considered. My view obviously. More likely a fellow close to Tom Brady’s personna- Potter.

      • Mark R

        I hope you are right Mitchell, but I’m slightly concerned by the article in todays Telegraph claiming Rooney is lined up to replace JE, should he leave and claiming Gary Cook is close to ‘Rooney’s people’. I have flashbacks of when they replaced Rowett with Zola here. Different owners, but please not the same old mistakes, fingers crossed.

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