Midweek Pinboard 21 Sept 2023

21 Sep 2023 | 3 comments


Well? What do you think of events at the Blues this past week? And what are your expectations for the upcoming fixtures? Whether it is about results, performances or developments off the pitch, here is an opportunity to share your views on the week that has just been for BCFC and also to look ahead to the weekend.

Blues Trust will be posting the Pinboard every Thursday morning so that Blues fans can express opinions, good and bad, about progress as the season unfolds. And your thoughts for the fixtures coming up.

We hope you’ll participate, and maybe sometimes even start a conversation, by letting us and other Blues fans know what you think……

Please use the ‘Comments’ section below.

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  1. Mitchell

    Disappointing to lose at Watford and Preston then absolutely yes. Avoidable then yes again. Blame game then again yes. As much I have supported John Eustace I feel he desperately needs help in the substitution dept..He isn’t savvy when it comes to seeing out games especially when in winning positions or holding out for a draw. John needs an experienced head around him. QPR tomorrow is pivotal for us all but more for JE. After a wonderful August we are now tottering and tottering into below par. We have the players John…Just use and deploy them to their maximum…that’s my advice.

  2. Ed Truman

    Interesting observations Mitchell. Tomorrow’s match is certainly not a “must win”. Far too early for that. But it is a big game for JE I would suggest. Three defeats in four games puts any one in charge under pressure. Add to that a couple of fortuitous stoppage time victories so far and maybe the picture isn’t quite as bright as we might like to think. The people in charge will have a view no doubt and will also have in mind a time frame for him to show them he can cut it. But it is still early and I want him to succeed. I hope he does.

  3. Stan Moye

    I certainly have a foot in both Mitchell and Ed’s camp. I agree with Mitchell’s view on the substitutions, somewhat naive in my opinion. Why we didn’t attempt to shut the game out at Watford after the sending off still mystifies me. I had similar observations against Preston. Burke should have been hooked at half time, yet he takes Anderson off which is mind boggling.
    Like most Bluenoses we want Eustace to succeed, but John don’t try to pull the wool over our eyes, trying to make excuses for the shocking own goal, Eustace said it was very windy,really? The corner flag looked that limp as if it was suffering from brewers droop.

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